TinyUmbrella – Savings SHSH Blobs

Many jailbreakers of old will remember TinyUmbrella, one of the most useful tools any jailbreaker could have. TinyUmbrella used to be used for downgrading iOS devices to earlier iOS versions that were no longer being signed by Apple, thus allowing you to install a jailbreak. Right now, although TinyUmbrella is still available for use it is only partially working.

Apple makes no secret of their dislike for jailbreaking and will do whatever it takes to stop you from doing it even though it is now legal to do. One way they stop it is by not allowing you to downgrade your iOS to a version they no longer sign and now no longer provide us with SHSH blobs for these older versions. That resulted in TinyUmbrella not working any more but it is undergoing work and you can use it to save SHSH blobs for the current iOS versions. By saving your SHSH blobs whenever you update your iOS, when TinyUmbrella is working fully again, you will be able to downgrade and install jailbreaks available for those versions.

How TinyUmbrella Works

TinyUmbrella is actually a very simple program. When you update your iOS to a new version, you are provided with SHSH blobs – these are just small bits of data that are signed for that iOS version. TinyUmbrella takes the SHSH blobs and produces a signed IPSW file for that specific firmware which, when it is back working properly, you will be able to use to downgrade your firmware, whenever you want, so that you can install those all-important jailbreaks.

While you can’t do this right now, you can still use TinyUmbrella to save the blobs for future use. Given that we now have jailbreaks for iOS 10+, this could prove useful in the future as you will be able to come back to them whenever you require.

How to Download TinyUmbrella

TinyUmbrella is very easy to download and install and we have provided you with all the details you need, including a full step by step guide and download links in the linked article below. We also have information on how to use TinyUmbrella when you have downloaded it and how to use TinyUmbrella to get your iPhone or iPad safely out of recovery.

Will you start using TinyUmbrella now ? Let us know how you get on with downloading it and using it. For all future updates, including news n when TinyUmbrella is updated with all its new features, follow us on Facebook

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