The Top 10 Radio and Podcasting Applications

radio_neu In the days of early technological innovations, man was pining to possess a greater access to the varied artistic outputs of music, literature and arts. Now, in the threshold of revolutionary discoveries and trends, the desire has remained. After all, people soon tired of chunky radio sets and those conventional record players and gramophones. With […] Continue reading →

3 Best Launcher Apps and 17 Themes for Android

android_logo A major reason behind the immense popularity of Android platform is it’s customization. It empowers you to customize each and every aspect of the interface. The most basic and known Customization is the home screen, using launchers. A launcher basically is an application to customize your Android desktop i.e. homescreen. This app runs when you […] Continue reading →

Top 5 Web Apps to File Taxes Online

H&R Block Webmasters are always way too busy to do additional tasks and they can leverage their time for better things rather than individually filing taxes. And with most of the world coming online, filing online taxes can save one a lot of time. Returning your tax files online does makes you vulnerable to making mistakes and […] Continue reading →

Top 5 Web Apps for Online Music Streaming

Music-Note Music is maybe the best thing created by human creed and with the evolution of technology, we no longer need to resort to radio as far as music portability is required. With the coming of innovative inventions like iPods and Zunes, music portability has perceived a new definition. In the era of web 2.0, everything […] Continue reading →