How to Watch YouTube Video from Desktop

YouTube, the second largest search engine, is incessantly getting 72 hours of video uploaded in each minute. You can find almost all types of videos i.e. entertainment, how to’s, product reviews and anything else. YouTube has gained such a great position because of its quality and simplicity. It is easy to go to YouTube, find a video and watch it right away.

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But sometime, YouTube shows tons of advertisement and other stuffs. That is why some people do not want to watch videos on YouTube. If you are one of them, here is a guide to watch YouTube video from desktop.

In this article, I am going to mention three different methods to watch YouTube video right from your desktop. You can use one Windows/Mac or Linux (Mainly Ubuntu) to use these following methods.

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How to watch YouTube video from desktop?

VLC Media Player

Youtube video in VLC

VLC media player is a popular media player, which is used in different purposes like media file conversion etc. You can use this media player to watch YouTube video from desktop too. The video quality will not be much good even if you have a good data connection. But, still you can use VLC because this is free and available for Mac, Windows as well as Ubuntu.

To YouTube video using VLC media player,

Step 1: Copy the desired YouTube video link and paste it in Notepad or anywhere you want.

Step 2: Just open it and navigate to Media and Stream respectively.

Step 3: Go to Network tab.

Step 4: Paste the YouTube video link in the empty box and then click the Stream button.

Step 5: Click on Next button continuously until you get the following window.

VLC Stream Output Settings

Step 6: Click in the empty box to select Stream all elementary streams and click the Stream button.

Now, your video will be started running.

Important Note: VLC requires a very good data connection to stream YouTube video.

So, if you do not have quite good data connection, try following ways.

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Minitube is one of the best tools to watch YouTube video from desktop. Even, in my opinion, Minitube is better than VLC media player to watch YouTube video. Minitube is premium software. Yet you can try the trial version of Minitube, which comes with limited features.

Just install Minitube and start using it. To play videos using Minitube, follow the subsequent steps:

Step 1: Choose either particular Keyword or Channel from the start screen and search for desired keyword/channel.

Step 2: Choose any video from left sidebar and watch it in your right pane.

This is as simple as said. You can also subscribe to any YouTube channel by navigating to Video and Subscribe to [channel name].



It is yet great portable software that is available for Mac and Windows. The user interface is pretty good and it is covered by fewer options. To play a YouTube video using VinnPlayer, just download and open it. After that, search for any video using keyword.

Either you can double-click on any video from search result or you can click on any video and Play button.

That’s all! Now your video will be started playing.

Final Word

According to me, Minitube is the best software to watch YouTube video from desktop. You can try more other software to do the same thing.

Do you want to watch YouTube videos like this? Which is working best for you?

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