Free Websites To Convert Youtube Videos into MP3 Online

Youtube is most famous video sharing website. Every month youtube gets more than 50 million visitors. Youtube has millions of videos from different categories. All songs, self created videos, party videos, talent videos, promotional videos, business videos, personal videos, how to tutorials and news events are available at youtube.

Mostly people use to visit youtube just to listen songs of their choice. Because, there are millions of songs uploaded at youtube. It’s easy to get any song you want. While listening those songs with videos, you must be thinking of downloading youtube videos into mp3. It’s not great to download videos and then convert youtube videos into mp3. There are many websites related to youtube which providing the service of converting youtube videos into mp3 online itself. You just have to copy the video link and past it on such youtube video converter websites.

Or you can Just download a free YouTube to audio converter and you’re all set.

If you want to go online way we have listed few free websites below through which you can easily convert youtube videos into audio online for free, Instead of downloading videos and then convert them into mp3 through some video converter :

1. Make it mp3

2. Mp3ify

3. Video Droid

4. Vid To Mp3

5. Youtube mp3

6. Youtube to mp3

7. Youtube to mp3

8. Zamzar

Happy Downloading ;) Thanks for staying :)

9 thoughts on “Free Websites To Convert Youtube Videos into MP3 Online

  1. YouTube have largest music video collections in world.. And now it is bcoz of these services it also become the largest MP3 collections in world, Thanks.. :p

  2. I was actually watching nice Bollywood video song on youtube. Let me try one of them to convert into MP3

  3. YouTube is really huge collection of Videos and Movies..everything is there.. Even now it gives options on site to convert the video into different video and audio formats with collaboration with Video Droid…

  4. Shano Lisa says:

    Cool Yar :D

  5. thanks for the list, is there any software that can convert youtube files to mp3 on mac os x?

  6. is the best one!

  7. Try when converting youtube to mp3 files. It’s fast and easy to use.

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