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Buy Or Sell Online

Selling and buying online has become a trend now. At present people are juggling into these kinds of online markets where you can have access to thousands of used and second hand products. We, as humans, usually get bored of items we use daily and need a change after a particular period, or sometimes we buy some items that we end up not using. For this reason, it is a good idea to sell what you don’t use anymore.

You will have free space to put the items you buy and save money for your next shopping spree. You can sell anything online; it doesn’t have to be clothing or gadgets. If you are moving to another city, you can the furniture you won’t need, or if you have postcards, stamps or coins, there are many collectors. I’m sure if you try and post ads free here, you will end up finding a buyer for almost anything. Of course, you need to research and find the right price for the items you are offering.

Selling products was never this easy. There is a big variety of websites and store where you can easily list your products and buyers can purchase them easily. Before throwing anything away, check some of these sites, you will be surprised.

You might be wondering that buying from an unauthorized source can result to a fraud. Well, there are websites who provide online payment method for used products and buyers buy from such sources without checking further. Usually, there is no problem with this, but if you are not sure, our recommendation is that you can have a conversation with the seller via telephone or email so you can fix up a meeting point to make the deal. Sometimes, you live far away from the seller so you can’t meet. In those cases, try to find their address, some comments from other buyers and follow your instinct.

The Disappearance of Books- Welcome to the Digital Age!

Books used to be treasured items, with entire rooms designated only for books and other reading materials. Today, however, books are starting to turn into an endangered species. With the rise of digital literature, and the ease and power of that technology, the book is becoming harder and harder to find.

Fall from Grace of the Library

The library used to be a place where the most intelligent people in the world would gather in their quest for knowledge – either to complete papers and projects for academia or perhaps to discuss issues with other academics. Whatever the reason, today, the digital literature has rendered these buildings as virtually obsolete. There are still operational libraries, but other than offering a pleasant respite from the elements for homeless people, their purpose has largely been replaced by a small digital device with a 6 to 9 inch screen.

The value of books and the knowledge that they contain can’t be debated because they are the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter what your upbringing was; if you can read and have access to books, you can develop your intellect to the equal of anyone else in the world. That hasn’t changed, but now you simply have the books wirelessly delivered to your device, no matter where you are, Kindle USA or Nook UK, all people have quick access to all of the knowledge of history. Digital literature is the cause, and the end of the relevance of the library is the effect.

Digital Books are Much Easier to Store

One of the many bright sides of digital literature is that it is much easier to store. In the past, you had to find a shelf that could hold all of the books that a person could read. When you finished you added the book to your library where it would sit, collecting dust and taking up space until either you moved or died or both.

Now these spaces used for book receptacles can be revamped to provide a more functional use for the room that used to be the library. It can be turned into a family activity area, or perhaps a man cave. Either way, families are going to be searching for new ways to use that space that used to be wasted on holding old books. Now our books are stored on electronic clouds out in the universe, just waiting for us to call them back to relevance through our electronic devices.

There Is Something About a Book

Even though there are many great things about digital literature, there are still certain aspects of a book that can’t be replaced. The smell of a new book as you open it for the first time; the feel of the hard binder in your hands as you leaf through the pages and glean all of the knowledge that you can from the book’s contents. There is a finality in closing the book when you are finally finished with it that provides you with a distinct feeling of accomplishment. This feeling is just not equaled by powering down your reading device.

There will always be a place for books, but that place is getting smaller and smaller by the year. The cost of printing and production of a book can be simply eliminated by electronic versions with identical reading content.

Dubai’s Green Energy Investment: From Niche Technology to Public Industry


In the Western world, we’re relentless in our focus of making green technology and green industry the focal point of society, driving the need for renewable at every possible turn. Despite the fact that many of us in the Western world believe that we are at the forefront of this pioneering technology, this is far from the case and, if we look towards the East, we will see that places such as Dubai are currently far ahead of where we stand.

Public-Private Partnerships Look to Engage 

Of all green technology focus areas, green finance is one which is generally considered to be relatively niche and abstract. This means that, over the course of the past few years at least, it has been unattractive for the majority of investors who have failed to see the lure. However, it appears as though times are about to change due to the fact that public-private partnerships are imminent; thus making the project much more attractive for investors.

Dubai Takes the Lead

Dubai are taking the lead on such an initiative, aiming to reduce energy consumption by 30% by 2020, with renewable projects expected to play a key part in achieving such an ambitious target. Although at present several high profile analysts claim that the climate has not been inviting for any potential investors, it appears as though all of this is about to change, with many companies looking to overcome the challenges that have previously plagued the green market.

As has always been the case, cost competitiveness of green energy remains an issue and, because of this, green energy cannot compete with conventional energy sources on price alone. Due to this, the green energy revolution, in order to appeal to investors, must have support from all sectors of society; including the government.

A Long Term Plan To Allay Investor Fears 

Such a process, however, is already underway, and the long term plan still appears to be to get investors to be more comfortable with green energy proposals, understanding exactly what it entails. To do this, it appears as though better education, better promotion and certain guarantees from a governmental level are all but essential.

Anyone who indulges in online trading (or any variant of it) is often especially wary of investing in projects with green energy because such projects are often not economically viable. Due to this, many individual traders will not invest, wary of the fact that these projects require financial support from a government channel, and are subject to large price fluctuations as a result.

How to Overcome Fears 

Wary that this is a long term project, certain groups are looking to kick-start the project by offering financial incentives to investors that could be used to fund green projects. Looking at the lending community specifically, Dubai appears to be targeting meeting green energy targets by building a 100MW photovoltaic solar power plant, and consultants were appointed for this project last month. Overall, over the next few years, AED50bn ($13.6bn) has been allocated for green projects.


5 Steps To Set An Successful Android Battery Saving Plan

Five Steps to setup a successful Android battery saving pla
If you are using an Android Smartphone then you must know that Battery Life of your Android phone Is how much Important.Usually people using Android phone always worry about their Android’s battery life But You can overcome this worry by following these 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.There Is no fault of android users In decreasing their android battery life because almost every application In Android Market Which require an working data connection for automatic updates,ads,to show offers etc and after downloading these applications on your Android device they ruin It’s battery life by background data usage and their are lot of other ways too which take part In decreasing your android battery life.In this article we will discuss some aspects which will help you to set an successful Android Battery saving plan.Let’s do It.

1:See Who Is Eating More:

It’s the first step towards setting an successful Android Battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.To think and to apply an plan to must have to do some observation So go home screen>setting>about phone>battery In your Android Device then check which functions Is using more battery of your android device.After observing this section think about them and use them with an perfect planning.

2:Disable Data Traffic:

It’s the second step towards setting an successful android battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.This step might hurt some people but I found It’s the best way save battery of your android device.In my early days My android’s battery was really disturbing me but since I have decided to use data traffic when needed I am really happy about my Android battery.It’s giving me really enough time to complete my tasks. This step Is the heart of this plan that only enable data traffic when needed.To do this step just go to setting>accounts and sync and then tap on background data.

3:Turn Off Auto Sync:

It’s the third step towards setting an successful Android battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.This step Is for those who do not want to disable their data traffic.In this step you have to turn off automatic sync of your online accounts like Google and Facebook.This steps will not hurt you at all and this will be prove as an important factor In Improving your android device’s battery life.To complete this step just go to setting>accounts and sync and then you can tap on Auto- sync or from their you can also cancel sync for certain applications.

4:Turn Off WiFi And Bluetooth:

It’s the fourth step towards setting an successful android battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.Some people do not pay importance to WiFi and Bluetooth and this ignorance finish the battery life of their Android Device.If you are doing so then now It’s time to pay some importance to WiFi and Bluetooth.You should turn off Bluetooth of your Android Device after transferring files and you should also turn off WiFi when not using Internet on it.

5:Brightness And Orientation:

It’s the fifth and last step towards setting an successful android battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.I suggest to use automatic brightness to get the best result and also uncheck the box of automatic orientation when device turns because In landscape mode will be finish soon.To complete this step go to settings>sound and display and then do the job.

After applying these steps on your Android Device I think you will get the required results.

Top Projects for Teachers to Print for Students

Teaching, no matter what grade or subject can require a lot of printing. There is no end to the printing that you as a teacher will do each school year in order to make sure that your students have the material they need to learn. Millions of copies are made by teachers each year that give you an advantage in helping to educate your students on the subject at hand. Whether it’s reading material, testing material or writing material you will find that you can spend a lot of time at a copy machine producing your educational tools. Also, having the best home printer as well as ink technologies, will make the process faster as well as higher quality.

Perhaps you are an Elementary teacher. You will find that you are able to print material that will allow you to teach your students the letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. You are also able to make copies of fun pages for your students to color as well. Since elementary teachers are normally responsible for teaching many subjects to their class, you will make the largest variety of copies in order to cover the subjects. You will print copies of math pages that provide problems for the class to solve from beginning counting to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You will also find plenty of lessons that you can print that are word or sentence related in order to educate your class.

Maybe you are the teacher of a certain subject such as history. You will find that you will be able to print projects that help you educate your class on the history of the states, countries, government and so many other topics. You may choose to teach your class about current events and how they will effect today’s times and be noted in history in years to come. Printed material concerning medieval times may be something that you will use in your classroom for your children. In order to teach your class about the Presidents that have served this country, you may find yourself printing a list of not only the Presidents but also some of the history on each president. You will find great charts that will allow you to teach your class about government and the order in which it runs. They will be able to learn the functions of the house, the senate, congress and the President.

As a math teacher, you will have no problem finding many projects that you can print for your students that will allow you to ensure that they are able to get plenty of practice pages on solving problems from fractions to geometry and algebra. Math can be a hard subject for many students and having an abundance of practice sheets may be the perfect tool to provide the extra help that some of your students may need in order to meet their problem solving needs.

If English is your subject, consider printing sheets that allow you to educate your class on the proper break down of sentences such as nouns, verbs adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. You can also find plenty of printable sheets that you can use that will allow you to teach them how to correctly create an outline for writing a quality story. Printing pages on punctuation is another topic that you will want to make sure that you are able to provide your class so that they are able to punctuate correctly.

Science is also a subject that can require a massive amount of printing. As a science teacher, you will find projects that allow you to print the information that you need for teaching your class about the solar system and all of the planets involved. Projects can also be found on performing certain experiments in the class room that will not only be educational but a fun learning experience for your class. If dissecting a frog in on your class agenda, print the diagram that teaches how to correctly dissect a frog in order to gain the most knowledge.

Extracurricular activities can also require printing projects. Art teachers, home economics teachers, band and music teachers can also benefit from the many printable projects that are available. A home economics teacher can print the recipes needed in order to teach her class about cooking as well as sewing projects and craft projects that are home related. A music teacher can print the lyrics to the songs that she plans to teach her class and a band teacher can print the music that is needed.

All teachers will find that they will have the need to print more than just lessons for their class; they will also need to print notes to be sent home to parents as well as calendars that can help their students to stay organized throughout a semester. They may choose to print flyers that offer information on school activities as well such as after school fund raisers or class trips. You will be able to take advantage of so many printable projects that you will have no problem providing your class with the information that is needed to make teaching easier. You and your students will benefit from the printable tools that you are able to apply to your class room teaching.

Set Your Sights—And Site—On Mobile!


If you’ve been scrutinizing your site analytics, chances are you’ve noticed that in the past year your visitors and shoppers are beginning to come into your shop via your mobile platform. In fact, since last fall, the majority of consumers are browsing on your site via their smartphones and tablets rather than from their desktops and laptops. Yet, as they’re coming through the mobile front door, are they converting at the same level? Or are you noticing a large exit rate through mobile? Either way, it’s time to take stock. As you watch your customer base migrate toward mobile shopping, you should take note and be proactive. Work smarter, not harder, and stay in front of the changes and upgrades, and most importantly, embrace them and be open to change.

Mobile Design To Drive Customers Through Your Front Door

With an optimized mobile storefront, you truly have a 24/7 site, as 56 percent of the entire population has a smartphone, and this number is increasing, increasing your opportunity for selling products online. A mobile homepage should focus on getting users to the content they’re looking for. Rather than considering your mobile site the same as your desktop, Google recommends putting your calls-to-action where you know users will see them. Mobile users can easily miss menu items, so anything located in them should be secondary to the intended course of action you want your customer to take. Are your mobile calls-to-action different than your desktop? Make sure you put yourself in your user’s shoes when you’re determining placement.

Keep Your Menus Short And Sweet

On your desktop, menus that blow out into subnavigation, with amazing photos and offers, can help your users hone in on what they’re looking for. Conversely, with mobile, keep the menu offerings short and to the point. Mobile users don’t have the patience to scroll through a long list of options; they want immediate satisfaction. When reviewing your site, consider how to present just a few options (above the fold). Dig into your site analytics and discover what the top mobile categories are, which may vary from your top desktop categories. It goes without saying that the category selections need to be thumb-friendly and easy to choose with fat fingers and thumbs!

Same Methodology As Your Desktop

Remember to keep the same expected experience on your mobile site as users have grown accustomed to on your desktop site.

  • For instance, users should be able to tap on your site logo and use it to navigate to your home page; otherwise, they’ll become frustrated.
  • Keep the site search in the header area. This may take up more real estate than it does on your desktop site; but keep in mind that about 50 percent of your customers will go here first to help locate what they’re looking for, and mobile search overall is trending upward. Consider adding smart search features here, such as autocomplete and corrected misspellings to ensure the results are immediately relevant. Definitely make sure that the first items displayed after a search are highly relevant as customers won’t scroll through hundreds of results.
  • Unfortunately, with the condensed space of mobile, some sites have taken to the practice of using the same space for content as for promotions, which causes user confusion and discomfort in using your site. Don’t make that mistake. Also, for promotions, users prefer banners as opposed to large interstitials.

Check Out Or Check Back Later? 

  • Make sure that you don’t have registration gates up too early in the sales process, and always give your customers the option to login as a member or checkout as a guest. If someone is not yet a member of your site, determine if it makes sense to take them out of the mindset of completing their purchase to become a member. Oftentimes it doesn’t; and the member conversation can happen at a later time.
  • If they are a member, maximize their convenience by prefilling information that you have on file to help expedite their checkout. As a small business, if you’re using a third party to complete the payment, make this as simple as possible.
  • If your transactions are complex, or you find that you’re experiencing a huge drop off of orders at a certain point, think about offering a click-to-call button. Some customers will appreciate the option to call when finishing up their order, especially as mobile sales are growing and not everyone is comfortable making transactions this way.
  • Consider having the option to save or share information across devices, so your customers can complete their transactions in a comfortable environment, such as on their desktops. The ability to “share” their cart information in an email to themselves allows them to complete the transaction later.

Buyers guide to NAS storage server

Network attached storage devices are gaining prominence in recent times. Fast access, easy configuration and efficient performance are the three important features which make NAS devices the right choice for storage requirements. Be it for home purposes or business networks, NAS devices offer an efficient way to store and access data across networks in an easy and effective way. The increasing demand for network attached storage has brought in several models into the market. While purchasing NAS devices, it is important to understand your storage requirements and additional features to make an informed decision. Here are certain things to consider before purchasing NAS storage devices.

Identify your storage requirements

While purchasing NAS devices is a good idea, identifying your exact storage requirements before short listing a product is essential. To do this, calculate the volume of your data on all computers and then multiply it by two. A typical nas storage server comes with a storage capacity of 500 GB to 4 TB. If data security is your primary concern, purchase multiple hard drives and use RAID configuration. When you use RAID configuration, data is mirrored to enable backup security. To use RAID configuration, you need to double the data storage capacity.

Check for advanced features

A network attached storage technology works with a concept of storing your data in an efficient way for a long time. To avail this benefit, you need to purchase a NAS drive which contains advanced features like the plug and play option, USB port and remote access. While the USB port allows you to upgrade the storage capacity of the drive, connecting a printer enables you to print documents from anywhere within that network. If you want to share streaming audio and video, check out for a NAS storage server which supports digital living network alliance, apple iTunes server or SMB. For streaming audio and video, make sure to check out the gigabyte Ethernet connectivity. This feature enables the drive to share large files of media without interruption. While you spend huge amounts on NAS drives, make sure that they are suited for future data storage requirements.

Automatic backup

Another important feature of a NAS storage server is its automatic backup facility. While data storage and security is the main concern, the automatic backup software takes care of data backup issues in a timely manner. In addition, check out for hot swappable disk drives so that you can replace a drive without turning off the NAS drive.

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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Webmasters first starting out with an online presence usually opt for the shared hosting model to host their websites. Shared hosting presents an economical and powerful enough choice for the limited resources that are required for entry level and young websites. Once the website owner has established a website presence and begins to add features and applications that drain available bandwidth and memory resources offered by the shared hosting arrangement, a higher platform hosting solution becomes desirable. Virtual private servers can meet this new demand very efficiently.

Virtual Private Servers

A virtual private server is a physical web hosting server that is partitioned into separate servers. Each separate section functions as a unique dedicated networked server. Each virtual server is not affected by the other sections of the physical hosting machine and serves a single user. This virtual hosting arrangement translates into a very powerful platform for webmasters desiring many of the beneficial characteristics that a dedicated server offers without the same price tag.

Business Web Host Solution

Small and mid-sized businesses are often taking advantage of the benefits that virtual private serves offer. These benefits enable companies to manage the online portion of their businesses by giving their websites things such as greater speed, design flexibility and growth potential. Check with your internet service provider, to see if these benefits are available

The Advantages of Virtual Private Server hosting are as follows:

Because resources are dedicated to only one user, load times are significantly increased over the earlier shared hosting platform that divides resources among many users. Therefore visitors, and potential customers, will enjoy much faster page loads and file download speeds.

Increased Web Host Resources
Memory and storage capacities are greater with virtual private hosting because of each unique dedicated virtual server provides all its capacity to a single user. The activities of other virtual server customers do not affect the operation of your virtual private server.

Cost Savings
For large companies with powerful websites,virtual private servers can enable the elimination of dedicated hosting and reduce a major operational expense. Because these servers are located on a machine that is shared by many customers the overall cost of a single VPS can be minimized while retaining many of the performance benefits of dedicated servers.

Operational Control
Due to the virtual server operating exclusively for your website, you have the discretion of controlling the exact software and other applications you want to run your server.

Efficient Multi-Domain Hosting
The nature of virtual private servers when compared to shared hosting servers allows for a much faster and enhanced performance capability for setting up and running multiple websites and email accounts. This is true because resources do not have to be shared with other users at the same time.

The Disadvantages of Virtual Private Servers are as follows:

Higher Skill Level to Manage VPS
There is a knowledge gap between the proficiency needed to manage a virtual private server compared to a shared hosting plan. The many applications utilized by the VPS web host need to be managed carefully and professionally in order to operate smoothly. A greater responsibility is required when managing such a powerful web hosting system.

Hardware Utilization
Even though each virtual server is independent, the other neighboring virtual servers still utilize the hardware resources of the main physical machine. Therefore issues of limited RAM usability and hardware disk space can be a problem. However, simply expanding the central machine to a larger hard drive can solve the insufficient memory problem.


Take both the pros and cons into consideration when trying to decide whether this is right form of hosting for you and your website.

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