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Could this be the end for land-based casinos?  


Recent figures published concerning the casino revenues of Atlantic City have revealed that the region is suffering one of the biggest declines in years.

The area, which was once known as ‘America’s playground’ has reportedly now got one third of its casinos going into administration. Revenues in the New Jersey gambling haven have now dropped by 50 per cent, with the Trump Plaza recently being named as one of the newest and biggest casualties of the area’s decline in popularity.

More than 5,000 jobs were also axed when a $2.4 billion project, the Revel Casino, failed to get off the ground in 2012.

Economists have blamed the fall of Atlantic City on a saturated market, citing “too many casinos in one area” after more resorts began to crop up in neighboring states New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

But the problem has not just affected the east coast – Las Vegas could also be suffering the same fate, particularly where the environment is concerned. In July of this year, it was reported that Lake Mead, the main water source for the Nevada-based resort, had its lowest water volume on record since 1983. Experts claimed that fans of the City of Sin could have just 20 years left before the lake dries out altogether.

But while environmental concerns could be affecting Las Vegas, the land-based casino industry is not just suffering from a lack of interest from punters. Advances in technology have also given rise to online casinos, which are becoming more and more popular by the day.

The reasons that players would choose an online casino over a land-based casino are both obvious and plentiful. For one, sites like Uptown Aces offer players support on how to play their favorite games, taking away the social stigma of sitting down to a blackjack table with a real life dealer.

Moreover, improved accessibility is making gamblers turn away from land-based casinos. With the digital age giving us more smartphone options than ever and mobile internet like 4G on the rise, consumers can take part in a number of different gambling games from live sports betting to casinos in one easy swipe.

It’s not all bad news for land-based casinos however. While the digital age may be forcing some casino owners to play catch up, staff in the Atlantic City region remain optimistic. Tom Balance, chief operating officer and president of Borgata Hotel, said: “Even the most pessimistic forecasts have Atlantic City at a $2bn market, which would still be the third biggest market in the US five years from now.

“It’s not dying, it’s just changing dramatically.”

Unfriend Finder – Know Who Unfriended You From Their Friendlist On Facebook

Facebook is a largest social networking website and latest in trend to connect with friend and family. In 21 century many of us certainly desiring to make new connections who share a common interest and seems to expanding his/her personal network via Facebook, so for those having a Facbook profile is becoming necessary.

It is a most exciting, popular and lovable gathering spot with 500 million users. This is what i tried to explain about Facebook that u might know but it is worthy to write down.

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Check Your Password Strength – Is It Strong Enough?

There are plenty of online services like Google, Yahoo, MSN available on Internet which shows the strength of your password while typing characters into the box. Microsoft safety and security center also helps you to choose strong password.

You might be good in finding many password strength checking tools but you must be mindful at the same before pick up one of them. Because there is very few really engaging online tools that really not collects and transmits your information.

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25 Highly Useful Social Bookmarking Sites for Designers and Developers Enthusiasts

Definitely, social bookmarking is one of a great way to you where you can easily share your interest, organize, and search for bookmarks of resources online. These days with so much content on the web you cannot able to remember your worthy links all the time so there social bookmarking site helps you in discover new worthy links and allow you to save those ones for your future reference.

These social bookmarking sites actually permit an action of submitting link. The main purpose of these websites is to create a user-driven site and connect people who have similar interests by casting vote. You can either up vote or down vote on other people’s submissions as per your similar interests and also make yourself know how people feel about the quality of the site.

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5 Easy Ways to Turn Off the New Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook, the most addictive social networking site creates addiction and attraction from its regular updates and addition of new features which makes it more than just a social networking site.

Features like Facebook Page Redesign, Facebook Profile Redesign were widely accepted and appreciated by the members of this social network, while on the other hand one of the features called Facebook Photo Viewer came under a lot of heat and criticism.

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Identity Theft – Your Identity Is No Longer Yours

Your name, your address, your social security number, your pan card and many more things are your identity and just imagine what will happen if you got none or moreover someone else is using your identity.

Well just imagine the situation with two people having everything same and there is nothing you have different to know who is who and in that case you can imagine what chaos it is going to spread.

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