Could this be the end for land-based casinos?  

Recent figures published concerning the casino revenues of Atlantic City have revealed that the region is suffering one of the biggest declines in years. The area, which was once known as ‘America’s playground’ has reportedly now got one third of its casinos going into administration. Revenues in the New Jersey gambling haven have now dropped […]

Check Your Password Strength – Is It Strong Enough?

There are plenty of online services like Google, Yahoo, MSN available on Internet which shows the strength of your password while typing characters into the box. Microsoft safety and security center also helps you to choose strong password. You might be good in finding many password strength checking tools but you must be mindful at […]

5 Easy Ways to Turn Off the New Facebook Photo Viewer


Facebook, the most addictive social networking site creates addiction and attraction from its regular updates and addition of new features which makes it more than just a social networking site. Features like Facebook Page Redesign, Facebook Profile Redesign were widely accepted and appreciated by the members of this social network, while on the other hand […]

Identity Theft – Your Identity Is No Longer Yours

Your name, your address, your social security number, your pan card and many more things are your identity and just imagine what will happen if you got none or moreover someone else is using your identity. Well just imagine the situation with two people having everything same and there is nothing you have different to […]