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Are Cheap Computers Really Worth Purchasing?

As with most technology based products, and computers are certainly no exception, brand awareness plays a large part in what we as consumers buy, and more importantly how much we pay. It is easy to assume that when you are paying for a top brand, you are buying into a brand that shouts quality and everything that goes along with it. Indeed this may be the case. However does this mean that cheap computers are far less durable and of lower quality?

 Quality Vs Branding

There has in the past been a big debate over quality versus branding and it is probably fair to say that there does come a tipping point whereby a potential customer can stop paying for higher specifications and build quality and start paying for the brand itself. Therefore it isn’t necessarily always the case that when you are buying a cheaper computer, you are forfeiting price for lower quality. On the contrary, build quality and specification can be just as good. Instead, the difference is that you aren’t paying that extra bit to have that all important logo or brand name attached to your equipment.

How to Buy an Inexpensive Computer

It goes without saying that you probably want to get the best that you can for your money and undoubtedly computers have come down in price over the years, so it pays to shop around. Look online and see who is doing the best deals. Have a good understanding of what you need from your computer and more importantly what you will mainly be using it for. Once you know this, then you can narrow down your search. Also look at reviews. Find out what real customers have to say about their purchases and eliminate the ones that have less than favourable reviews. In essence, if you put in a bit of legwork before you make that all important purchasing decision, it will be far easier in the long run, and you can be certain that you have the best computer at the best price that suits your needs.

Refurbished Computers

A great way to buy a top of the range computer for a fraction of the price is to consider a refurbished model. The term ‘refurbished’ can mean anything from second hand models that have been cleaned, cleared and reprogrammed, through to unwanted customer returns which are in effect brand new and still in the original packaging. There are a good number of reliable, and indeed reputable companies out there, who sell refurbished stock and it can be an extremely good way of buying an inexpensive laptop with high specifications, if this is what you are after.

On the whole, if you are prepared to shop around then it is certainly possible to pick up what you need for a reasonable price. Often companies will drop the price on a particular model when they bring out a newer model and again, if you aren’t particular about having the latest piece of technology, then you can pick up some pretty good deals.
As you can see, cheap computers don’t necessarily mean inferior build quality and specifications and if you are prepared to do your homework, you’ll be surprised at what you can get for your hard earned cash. Buy cheap computers online at






How to gamble online

For most of you the answer to the question in the title of this article might seem easy. “How to gamble online”? Well, simple, go to an online casino, register, download and play. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. First of all it’s important to find out if online gambling is even legal in the country of your residence. US residents, for example, are not welcome to most of online casinos due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, that makes it illegal for operators to provide this kind of services to US residents. Australian laws don’t prohibit online gambling itself, but prosecute those providing this kind of services to residents. Laws of other countries can be prohibitive, as well, so be sure to check before unknowingly doing something illegal. Also, check if you have the legal age to gamble at all. Another challenge for beginners can be finding the right operator. There are many – according to some sources, there are over 500 companies that operate in this business nowadays (before the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, there were over 2,000). As in all other industries, you can find scammers that will be out for your money in this one as well.

Some say it’s the best choice to start at casinos run by sizeable companies. One of them, the Fortune Lounge Group, offers online gambling services to Australians, through the Royal Vegas casino, but they still don’t accept players from the US. The Royal Vegas is quite a good choice for beginners. It has a games offer of over 500 titles, developed by Microgaming – one of the online gambling pioneers, with a history of two decades. Online gaming at the Royal Vegas is easy (just like I wrote in the first paragraph) – register, download, play.

The Royal Vegas offers its players some benefits worth mentioning: a new player bonus package consisting of deposit matches of various proportions applied to the player’s first three deposits, up to $1,200, daily and weekly special offers, and one of the best promotions I have ever seen: a chance to win a 7 day cruise for two on board the Caribbean cruise ship Oasis of the Seas. More details, as well as wagering requirements and terms and conditions can be found at the Royal Vegas website.

Speaking of wagering requirements: each casino has requirements of this  type attached to their bonuses. Players are required to roll over their bonus amounts several times on various games before making a withdrawal. Depending on the games a player likes to play and the amount offered as bonus, these requirements can be fulfilled in a few hours or a few days. The Royal Vegas online casino is owned and operated by the Fortune Lounge Group, a company based, licensed and regulated in Malta. It has several successful online casinos in its portfolio. It was founded in 1999, and it is in business ever since.

Don’t smoke, just VAPE. Electronic cigarettes from Vapourlites

The one question my friends often ask me is “Why do you smoke?” I never quite got the answer myself, but you know I smoke and it’s pretty fashionable. My favorite actor Al Pacino has been smoking cigarettes and cigars in almost all his movies. I enjoy a good smoke after a hectic day. But recently there have been so many researches and case studies to prove that Tobacco consumption and smoking of tobacco is the major cause for life threatening cancers like Lung Cancer, Oral cancer and many others.

The list of ill effects of tobacco is so huge that Wikipedia has a dedicated page for keeping track of all the diseases caused by tobacco. This information was too much for my mind to process, I knew that I was not smoking too many cigarettes and I was not a chain smoker. I have a pretty good diet and healthy routine every day, with morning and evening walks and a strong vegan diet. I knew I would not be one of those cancer patients.

But still my Doctor warned me.

I always had this belief that I could always quit smoking. But when I really tried to quit smoking it was a tough task. So I started searching for some alternatives, starting with the Nicotine gum, the nicotine patches and many other so called satisfying alternatives. I failed to get a taste to any of these alternatives, my body still craved a smoking hot cigarette.

The search for a good alternative continued until I was online one fateful day and stumbled upon a company called Vapourlites and their e-cig collection. The concept of e-cigarettes is simple, a normal cigarette contains more than 4000 chemical compounds out of which 69 are proved to cause cancer. And e-cigs doesn’t contain Tar, Carbon Monoxide, no ash and no bad breath. And the risk of diseases is far lesser than a traditional cigarette.

Welcome to the new Era of Smoking: Vaping.

E-Cigs like the eGo ecigaratte and VL Micro from Vapourlites don’t have smoke, it has vapor, which gives the actual taste and feel of a normal cigarette. The nicotine in e-cigarettes is extracted from the tobacco plant, it is separated from tar and other plant material that cause cancer when smoked.

E-cigarettes hold nicotine in liquid form, which gets heated into a vapor and released when a user sucks on the end. And the user then exhales vapor and not smoke, the vapor is almost odorless and doesn’t stay on cloths and on the smoker’s body.


VL eGo 650 Electronic Cigarette

The VL eGo 650 Electronic Cigarette from Vapourlites comes ‘…with a refillable tank holds up to 1.6ml of Vapourlites E Liquid, which is the equivalent of around 60 standard cigarettes. The CE4 also comes in a smoked glass effect along with our class leading Lithium 650mAh battery finished in matt black. This product also comes with its own USB charger. A fully charged 650mAh should last up to 6.5 hours.”

The look and feel of these eGo Electronic Cigarettes is just like a normal cigarettes. The kick or hit that you get after smoking a eGo is similar to a normal Cigarette and you wouldn’t miss holding a smoking hot cig in your hand as these cigs come with a LED light that glow when you suck it.

VL Micro: The World’s smallest disposable eCig


The VL Micro is termed as the world’s smallest e-cigarette, it is small, lightweight and feels almost like a regular small sized cigarette. It also comes in 2 different flavors Menthol and Tobacco. Each VL Micro is equivalent to approximately 15 regular cigarettes or 150 puffs. It is ready to use and there are no detachable parts in it. The VL Micro works in the same way as the VL eGo 650, but VL Micro is disposable and lasts until the battery lasts. The one thing that makes VL Micro stand apart from others is that it is disposable, no need to recharge, and no need of any chargers or USB cables. It’s a portable fits in your pocket, smoke as and when you need. For a regular smoker it may last for a week or more but if you smoke less then it will last much more than a week.

Last Words

Now coming back to the question that my friends often ask me “Why do you smoke?” I still haven’t figured it out, but you know what? I stopped smoking regular cigarettes and started Vaping. And the best part is it is much safer and looks much cooler. Probably my favorite actor Al Pacino will someday start Vaping in his movie.

Until then, have a pleasant Vaping Experience.

Are all casino apps made equal?


There are absolutely loads of casino apps across Android and iOS, meaning that every player will be able to find something they like.

But for those who don’t fancy trawling through lots of reviews to find the best app for their smartphone or tablet, we’ve done it for you. We’ve selected a few casino apps that we believe are among the best.

Jackpot City

This well known casino brand has an app for both Android and iPhone smartphones. Powered by Microgaming the app has great graphics and sounds. There are 17 different games ranging from the famous progressive slot game Mega Moolah to Blackjack, roulette and Tomb Raider.

As with most casino apps, it closely follows the online casino format, but in a way that is much easier to play on your device. The app was launched in 2009 and has added new games at every update. It’s audited by the eCOGRA, meaning it’s secure and safe for players.

You can also play video poker, slots and bingo and there is customer support 24 hours a day. It’s a properly immersive and engaging experience and well worth checking out.

Lucky Nugget

This popular online casino has been running games on the internet for over 10 years and has released its own mobile casino app. Compatible with both major platforms, that is iOS and Android it can be played across most smartphones.

Playable titles include Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck slots, as well as progressive slot machines like Mermaids Millions.The app has spread the joy of Lucky Nugget further and allows customers to play online games whenever and wherever they are, without needing to be glued to a computer.

A carefully crafted app that loses none of the complexity of the main online casino website, Lucky Nugget Mobile gives players a wide range of games – 22 titles in total. Choose from Double Double Bonus Poker, roulette or classic blackjack.

Whether you want some quick slots action or a longer table games, the Lucky Nugget mobile app will give you an amazing experience.

Gaming Club

One of the leading online casinos, Gaming Club only launched its mobile app in 2012, but it has quickly become extremely popular with players.

It’s compatible not only with iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) but also with Android devices and Blackberry phones, making it accessible for pretty much everyone who owns a smartphone.

It offers a great selection of games and provides a really immersive and impressively Vegas experience from your mobile device. There are card games, progressive games, bingo and video poker, among the 11 different games on offer, which also include mobile baccarat and roulette.

High End Fashion iPhone Apps are All the Rage


When it comes to luxury, high end fashion, one could be mistaken for believing that nothing compares to the real life visual experience of interacting with unique products and eye-catching brands.

However, thanks to the latest smartphones and tablet devices with high-contrast displays and interactive apps, you can keep up to date in style with the latest trends – and look good doing it. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best high-end fashion apps for iPhone.


This app has been named as one of InStyle’s ‘Best of the Web’ – and we can see why. Boasting 24/7 access to the latest brands at discount prices, it’s an essential app for anyone into on-trend fashion and the shop-savvy of hunting for the latest bargains. Once you’re a Hautelook member you can browse and buy on the go, straight from your iPhone or handheld device. It’s even free to join.


It’s the top-rated app for designer brands, sales and exclusive offers. You can shop on the move, with international shipping to (almost) anywhere on Earth. There’s also Gilt City for “extraordinary” experiences in most major cities. Are you intrigued yet? It gets better. They also have a ‘try it on’ feature where you can take a photo of yourself in a pair of sunglasses and see how it might look. You can then share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.


Want access to all the latest fashion news and hot goss? Then you need Fashion. It’s a free app which helps keep you up-to-date with all the latest goings on in the fashion world. The app itself has a shopping section and also incorporates high-res photos, Twitter and Youtube so you’ll never get bored. It’s free to sign up, but this app is lacking in social features – if you’re looking to interact with other members, it might be best to look elsewhere, such as Chicfeed.


Chicfeed pulls various fashion pictures and news from various blogs and websites. It’s a fresh way of looking at fashion without having to trawl through the corners of the web.” It’s free and comes with six preset feeds which includes The Sartorialist (one of the major popular fashion blogs), Jak and Jill Blog, LookBook, Face Hunter, Altamira and Cherry Blossom Girl. You can choose a paid version of this app which has the added function of saving your favorite images. And of course, you can set the feed to your own interests, and interact as you please.

Rue La La

Did you know 80% of Rue La La’s sales come from Apple devices? Therefore, the iPhone app development is priority – because of that, this app looks and feels great. Upon launch you’ll get access to the “Right Now” feature which instantly shows you what’s hot and selling fast. Rue La La is dedicated to making it easier for you to spend your money on the go, in a stylish and functional environment.

Fashion Network Original

Missed out on a fashion show you REALLY wanted to see? Have no fear, as Fashion Network Original is here. From this app you can view the latest fashion shows and catch up with your favorite designers.

Trend Stop Fashion – Trend Tracker

So far this app has four stars from the iPhone community, and comes with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate.

It has a news section, a designer section, and a trend section which includes articles about the latest trends. The designers section allows for easy access to videos and photos from the latest fashion shows, and also comes with a search function so you can find your favorite designers instantly. This puts it a cut above the Fashion Network app. You can even mark chosen designers as “favorites” to check up on later. Cool, huh?

There are some great fashion apps out there for your iPhone, and it goes without saying that mobile shopping is becoming a big part of the fashion and retail world. Want in? To get you started, why not check out some of the above examples from the apps store today? Happy shopping!

10 Best Free Solution To Monitor Your Site’s Uptime

You might be wondering that how you can check your site uptime. I must say that keeping eye balls all the time on computer screen doesn’t possible in real life. If site is down it means a lot for you regarding revenue. Every now and then it happens that Website can go down.

Down-time for a website depends on various factors like problem with data center, network outages, server outages, server overload, DNS configuration, or SSL certificate problems. Thus here you need to be ahead from your customers and clients.

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