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The Disappearance of Books- Welcome to the Digital Age!

Books used to be treasured items, with entire rooms designated only for books and other reading materials. Today, however, books are starting to turn into an endangered species. With the rise of digital literature, and the ease and power of that technology, the book is becoming harder and harder to find.

Fall from Grace of the Library

The library used to be a place where the most intelligent people in the world would gather in their quest for knowledge – either to complete papers and projects for academia or perhaps to discuss issues with other academics. Whatever the reason, today, the digital literature has rendered these buildings as virtually obsolete. There are still operational libraries, but other than offering a pleasant respite from the elements for homeless people, their purpose has largely been replaced by a small digital device with a 6 to 9 inch screen.

The value of books and the knowledge that they contain can’t be debated because they are the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter what your upbringing was; if you can read and have access to books, you can develop your intellect to the equal of anyone else in the world. That hasn’t changed, but now you simply have the books wirelessly delivered to your device, no matter where you are, Kindle USA or Nook UK, all people have quick access to all of the knowledge of history. Digital literature is the cause, and the end of the relevance of the library is the effect.

Digital Books are Much Easier to Store

One of the many bright sides of digital literature is that it is much easier to store. In the past, you had to find a shelf that could hold all of the books that a person could read. When you finished you added the book to your library where it would sit, collecting dust and taking up space until either you moved or died or both.

Now these spaces used for book receptacles can be revamped to provide a more functional use for the room that used to be the library. It can be turned into a family activity area, or perhaps a man cave. Either way, families are going to be searching for new ways to use that space that used to be wasted on holding old books. Now our books are stored on electronic clouds out in the universe, just waiting for us to call them back to relevance through our electronic devices.

There Is Something About a Book

Even though there are many great things about digital literature, there are still certain aspects of a book that can’t be replaced. The smell of a new book as you open it for the first time; the feel of the hard binder in your hands as you leaf through the pages and glean all of the knowledge that you can from the book’s contents. There is a finality in closing the book when you are finally finished with it that provides you with a distinct feeling of accomplishment. This feeling is just not equaled by powering down your reading device.

There will always be a place for books, but that place is getting smaller and smaller by the year. The cost of printing and production of a book can be simply eliminated by electronic versions with identical reading content.

Set Your Sights—And Site—On Mobile!


If you’ve been scrutinizing your site analytics, chances are you’ve noticed that in the past year your visitors and shoppers are beginning to come into your shop via your mobile platform. In fact, since last fall, the majority of consumers are browsing on your site via their smartphones and tablets rather than from their desktops and laptops. Yet, as they’re coming through the mobile front door, are they converting at the same level? Or are you noticing a large exit rate through mobile? Either way, it’s time to take stock. As you watch your customer base migrate toward mobile shopping, you should take note and be proactive. Work smarter, not harder, and stay in front of the changes and upgrades, and most importantly, embrace them and be open to change.

Mobile Design To Drive Customers Through Your Front Door

With an optimized mobile storefront, you truly have a 24/7 site, as 56 percent of the entire population has a smartphone, and this number is increasing, increasing your opportunity for selling products online. A mobile homepage should focus on getting users to the content they’re looking for. Rather than considering your mobile site the same as your desktop, Google recommends putting your calls-to-action where you know users will see them. Mobile users can easily miss menu items, so anything located in them should be secondary to the intended course of action you want your customer to take. Are your mobile calls-to-action different than your desktop? Make sure you put yourself in your user’s shoes when you’re determining placement.

Keep Your Menus Short And Sweet

On your desktop, menus that blow out into subnavigation, with amazing photos and offers, can help your users hone in on what they’re looking for. Conversely, with mobile, keep the menu offerings short and to the point. Mobile users don’t have the patience to scroll through a long list of options; they want immediate satisfaction. When reviewing your site, consider how to present just a few options (above the fold). Dig into your site analytics and discover what the top mobile categories are, which may vary from your top desktop categories. It goes without saying that the category selections need to be thumb-friendly and easy to choose with fat fingers and thumbs!

Same Methodology As Your Desktop

Remember to keep the same expected experience on your mobile site as users have grown accustomed to on your desktop site.

  • For instance, users should be able to tap on your site logo and use it to navigate to your home page; otherwise, they’ll become frustrated.
  • Keep the site search in the header area. This may take up more real estate than it does on your desktop site; but keep in mind that about 50 percent of your customers will go here first to help locate what they’re looking for, and mobile search overall is trending upward. Consider adding smart search features here, such as autocomplete and corrected misspellings to ensure the results are immediately relevant. Definitely make sure that the first items displayed after a search are highly relevant as customers won’t scroll through hundreds of results.
  • Unfortunately, with the condensed space of mobile, some sites have taken to the practice of using the same space for content as for promotions, which causes user confusion and discomfort in using your site. Don’t make that mistake. Also, for promotions, users prefer banners as opposed to large interstitials.

Check Out Or Check Back Later? 

  • Make sure that you don’t have registration gates up too early in the sales process, and always give your customers the option to login as a member or checkout as a guest. If someone is not yet a member of your site, determine if it makes sense to take them out of the mindset of completing their purchase to become a member. Oftentimes it doesn’t; and the member conversation can happen at a later time.
  • If they are a member, maximize their convenience by prefilling information that you have on file to help expedite their checkout. As a small business, if you’re using a third party to complete the payment, make this as simple as possible.
  • If your transactions are complex, or you find that you’re experiencing a huge drop off of orders at a certain point, think about offering a click-to-call button. Some customers will appreciate the option to call when finishing up their order, especially as mobile sales are growing and not everyone is comfortable making transactions this way.
  • Consider having the option to save or share information across devices, so your customers can complete their transactions in a comfortable environment, such as on their desktops. The ability to “share” their cart information in an email to themselves allows them to complete the transaction later.

Best mobile phone for gaming

Mobile Gaming

While traveling to work you may wonder if there is anything that you can be doing in order to keep yourself entertained – these days your mobile phone is your best friend. This is because mobile phones can play great games while on the move, most of these games are available on the phone’s store, however there are other ways to play games as well. You can also play games in your phone’s web browser and many us casino online slots sites have support for mobile phones meaning that you can play all your favourite casino games anywhere at any time.

There are many different phones on the market however, if you’re looking into buying a new one there will be two different companies that are the leaders in the market. Google and Apple, over the last six years, have both developed operating systems which allow the users to use their phone in a simple and easy way.

If you’re looking to buy an Apple phone then there is only one type on the market and this is called the iPhone; the iPhone five is the latest phone and has very impressive specs with a great CPU and GPU meaning that you play all the games you want while out and about. The iPhone 5 also has a retina display meaning that the screen is incredibly clear, this is due to the very high resolution on the small screen meaning the all pictures become crystal clear.

If however you are looking to buy a Google phone then the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be the one for you, this phone is Samsung’s flagship phone meaning that it has the best specs of any on their line. It also has an impressive screen however the CPU and GPU within the Galaxy S4 is actually more powerful meaning that the phone will stay relevant for longer in terms of technology.

Five Ways to Know it’s Time to Retire Your Old Mobile Phone

HTC One and iPhone5

HTC One and iPhone5

With mobile technology growing bigger and better by the minute, newer models are being released on a regular basis. With this in mind, technically minded individuals are doing their utmost to get their hands on the latest handsets.

Take the BlackBerry Torch for example. This particular model is one of the newest introductions from the brand yet and those that own an older BlackBerry, such as theBlackBerry Bold, may wish to sell their existing model in order to upgrade to a more contemporary version.

1. Wear and tear

As well as technological advances, other reasons you may wish to upgrade your existing handset include wear and tear. Using a phone on a daily basis can take its toll and as such, can leave the mobile in question looking worn, faded and shabby.

If you own a flip phone, you may find that opening and closing the phone is no longer a smooth transaction. The buttons may have become a little stiff and if you own a BlackBerry, the trackball may cause the cursor to roll in the wrong direction.

These faults are often caused by overuse and sometime by carelessness. We’ve all dropped our phone whilst running to catch the last train home and we’ve all haphazardly thrown it into a handbag. Both of these factors can affect the appearance and the workings of the handset. Even if you do your utmost to keep your handset in tiptop condition, time will still cause it to lose its initial shiny appearance.

2. Staying ahead of the game

If like many, you find yourself wanting to share everything from what you had for breakfast to your current location, you’ll need a handset that is able to perform these tasks. Many of the newer models, including the updated BlackBerry Bold, perform pretty much every assignment possible. This includes offering a number of tech-savvy applications, allowing you to directly upload snaps to a variety of social media sites. 3G enables download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, whilst allowing consumers to avoid tedious loading times.

3. You want your phone to listen to you

Do you ever wish your phone could talk to you? Well the good news is they can! Voice control allows individuals to call contacts in their phonebook without lifting a finger. This comes as great news to those that often have their hands full.

 4. You’re tired of playing alone

If you’ve become a little bored of the same two games that came with your phone, then you’re most certainly ready to upgrade. Almost all smartphones boast a variety of entertainment applications, meaning the lengthy journey to work will never be monotonous again. Download everything from classic solitaire to high-tech video games.

 5. Street cred

Staying at the forefront of technology is extremely important to both the fashion conscious and the tech-savvy. Having the newest, most talked-about handset on the market is therefore imperative and at the same time, will allow access to all of the latest apps.

Music Magpie will allow you to recycle your original handset safely. Regardless of whether you want to sell Blackberry Bold 9780 handsets you no longer enjoy, they offer competitive prices.

Rumours Iphone 5s release in June 2013

iPhone 5S

Already the rumors are rife that will be a new apple iPhone by the middle of 2013! It is being said that the 5s (or 6 as some people are calling it) will have a higher resolution display, a faster processor, and will have more storage than ever before-128GB, double the maximum storage of the iPhone 5. This could mean massive improvements to look forward to for casino fans as speed, storage for apps and smoothness of the interface are what make mobile casino and gaming in general so appealing for smartphone owners. Apple already has free apps in the app store of all of the major casino games for you to practice your skills, before you move on to betting with real money, if you choose to do so.

Online casinos have become hugely popular over the last decade or so however the rise of mobile casinos like, thanks to our smartphones, has meant that we no longer need to stay sitting at our desktop.

We can leave the room, leave the house, and still be logged into a casino. When the iPhone 5 was released, the numbers of gamers using mobile casinos and placing bets and wagers increased dramatically. This will have been due to the many factors that were included in the next generation iPhone that made gaming even more compatible, easy to use, and appealing. The larger screen size and higher resolution screen made the experience more realistic and smooth to use, and 4g meant much faster speed when gaming.

When using mobile casinos you can download apps to your phone, register an account, and decide whether or not you want to play for real money and the choice of games is endless. Companies created apps optimised for iPhone that didn’t include flash due to the popularity of gaming on the iPhone, and of the iPhone itself.

Using apps to improve you’re gaming


Since the mobile market took off and smartphones became an unrivalled commodity it seems that there has been an app invented to help with everything. There are more in depth calendars, ways to track your weight loss, apps to teach you how to play cards and even apps from specific shops so you can purchase on the move.
Apps to teach you how to play cards and casino games have come from the huge boost the industry has received since the invention of mobile gaming. Advantage blackjack is one way to learn how to become a master at the game and earn some extra pocket money at your favourite casino. Reviews have hailed the app as incredible with one user saying: “[it’s] everything you need to become an excellent blackjack player.”
If you’re new to blackjack don’t worry, as the app is specifically designed to turn novices and first time players into pros with the help of a little training. By incorporating basic strategy training and card counting you can learn all the skills you need and test your abilities during realistic practice games until you feel confident enough to play with your hard earned cash at a casino. Card counting is somewhat of a grey area with many casinos as it is not specifically cheating – not that we would ever condone such a thing – but it is frowned upon and generally disliked.
With options to tailor the game rules to those used at your local casino, it’s ideal to have open alongside your game for a few extra tips and tricks. These apps have become rather popular and some online casinos have started to cotton on to the fact that they are being used. is one of a few casinos that are not currently looking out for players using these types of apps.
There are two versions of the app – one free and one that is to be purchased. As with all things digital the free version is a slight downgrade of the purchased one; the paid-only features give you the ability to: count more than three cards at a time; simulate live play counting; simulate unbalanced counting systems; create counting systems defined by the user as well as being completely ad-free. Whether you want to learn a new skill or make a little extra cash, why not check out what other apps are available to improve your knowledge?

Get the Latest Mobile eCommerce Tips and Tactics

Staying on top of the latest trends and effectively running your online business is never easy in the rapidly changing online landscape. What works in marketing your business one day may fail to capture the attention of an audience the next. The products that are hot and trendy are quickly replaced by products that are even hotter and trendier. The eCommerce software that your customers find simple and easy to navigate and use one moment, may in the next moment become obsolete with the release of the latest and greatest thing.

Staying on top of the changing eCommerce landscape is a constant challenge, and your footing is never sure. One of the most effective ways of maintaining that edge, and knowing what your customers want and desire is of course to ask them, and social media can play a big role in that regard. But you also don’t want to come across as helpless, as one who can’t function without their customer’s input or suggestions.

Staying abreast of the latest information yourself is vital, and there’s no better way to do this than by picking up the latest books on the subject. Books can provide you with more information than the blurbs of your customers, or the latest blog post on the subject by an expert in the field. They can allow you to develop your own unique strategies for running your store (which is itself unique, and should always strive to be as such), and not just pigeonhole you into one idea, or trend.

Let’s briefly look at a few of Holiday 2012’s best eCommerce books and what information they have that could make all the difference in the way your mobile store is managed.

Likeable Business, Dave Kerpen:Kindle, $12.10; Paperback, $14.06; Hardcover, $20.70.

Perception really is everything is the online world, and properly developing and cultivating your business’ appeal to customers is vital to being successful. This book is a great guide to building a likable business persona, and avoiding some of the pitfalls that can undermine and destroy that.

You Should Test That, Chris Goward:Paperback, $18.04.

Finding what works from the back end requires a great deal of patience and testing to create a browsing and shopping experience that is perfect for your customers, and this is work that most small business owners simply aren’t prepared to invest in. This book spells out why it’s so important to have a silky-smooth experience, especially when it comes to a mobile app and the various compatibility issues that can cause between devices.

The Impact Equation, Chris Brogan and Julien Smith:Kindle, $12.99; Paperback, $11.26; Hardcover, $15.85.

Social media marketing is vital to the success of any online (and even offline) business. How do you properly make use of these channels though, to get the word out about your company, get them interested in your brand, and not just make a lot of noise that serves little purpose in attracting new customers or retaining the ones you have? This book will show you how.

These are just a few of the great new books on real and digital bookshelves that can help immensely with successfully building your online business and mobile store, and maintaining your edge over the competition.

How to Upgrade iPhone4 to iOS5 Manually

I just shared iOS5 direct download links and now it’s time for a quick tutorial on how you can upgrade your iPhone4 to latest iOS5 version manually. Do remember, my iPhone4 is officially unlocked and if your’s is not, you might like to skip it for a while, until you get a confirmation that gevey SIM or any other unlocking method which you have used supports iOS5 unlocking or not. Also if you rely on tons of jailbroken apps and using untethered jailbreak, you might like to wait for a while, as untethered jailbreak for iOS5 is underway and might take couple of weeks before we get our hands on it. Continue reading →