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How to Download All Instagram Photos and Videos in Your Hard Disk

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing websites, where you can upload square image (Generally) and small video clips. Instagram is growing rapidly since 2010. In this little span of time, they have successfully engrossed 200 million active users, according to the last report.



If you often use and love Instagram, you might have already uploaded tons of pictures and video clips. On the other hand, if your followings upload eye-catching pictures frequently and you want to download them all at once, here is a trick. Alternatively, let’s assume that your favorite following has uploaded such a great video clip that you want to share with your friends, who are not Instagram user.

At such moments, obviously, you can save all those pictures one by one but you should know that it will take more time than software. However, there are tons of free software to download all Instagram photos and videos in your hard disk but today; I am going to introduce only two of them, which are much easy to use and not so time-consuming to set up before starting download. You can use both of them on your Windows PC and once of them is available for Android as well.

Download all Instagram photos and videos


This is such a great software, which comes with only three or four options those will let you do whatever you want. It has no such feature or option that may take time to be understood by you. The interface looks pretty awesome and it is covered by minimal options. So, just download InstagramSaver and install it in your Windows PC. After installing, you can find a screen something like the following picture:

Download All Instagram Photos and Videos in Your Hard Disk

Just enter your Username (if you want to download your photos and videos). You can also enter any valid username to download anybody’s images as well as videos. You can also change the download path according to your wish.

On the other hand, this software don’t download videos by default. You will have to change a setting to make it download. To enable the video download feature, just head over to the Settings and tick on Download videos too.

That is all! Now this software will download images and videos from any Instagram account.

Downlaod Videos using InstagramSaver

If you would like to use this same software on Android, download either InstagramSaver or InstagramSaver Pro app for Android.

Free Instagram Downloader

It is yet another great free Windows software to download all photos from Instagram. Although, you cannot download videos from Instagram using this software but it is intense in terms of image downloader. Alike InstagramSaver, you can download photos of any Instagram user using only the valid username.

Free Instagram Downloader

The best part is, if you do not want to download ten or fifteen photos among five hundred photos or so, you can do so just by un-ticking.  This is an additional feature, which does not come with InstagramSaver.

On the other hand, Free Instagram Downloader is very easy to use. Just download it and install in your PC. After opening it, enter the valid username after clicking on Input User Name from the top left area.

After few seconds, it will show you all the uploaded images of that user. You can either download all images by clicking on Download All button. This is as simple as said.

Bottom Line

Although, you can download all images and videos of any Instagram user, this is always not suggested or recommended to use them in any offensive activity. You can use this beautiful software to collect your favorite photos and that’s all!

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How to Watch YouTube Video from Desktop

YouTube, the second largest search engine, is incessantly getting 72 hours of video uploaded in each minute. You can find almost all types of videos i.e. entertainment, how to’s, product reviews and anything else. YouTube has gained such a great position because of its quality and simplicity. This is easy to go to YouTube, find a video and watch it right away.

YouTube Logo

But sometime, YouTube shows tons of advertisement and other stuffs. That is why some people do not want to watch videos on YouTube. If you are one of them, here is a guide to watch YouTube video from desktop.

In this article, I am going to mention three different methods to watch YouTube video right from your desktop. You can use one Windows/Mac or Linux (Mainly Ubuntu) to use these following methods.

How to watch YouTube video from desktop?

VLC Media Player

Youtube video in VLC

VLC media player is a popular media player, which is used in different purposes like media file conversion etc. You can use this media player to watch YouTube video from desktop too. The video quality will not be much good even if you have a good data connection. But, still you can use VLC because this is free and available for Mac, Windows as well as Ubuntu.

To YouTube video using VLC media player,

Step 1: Copy the desired YouTube video link and paste it in Notepad or anywhere you want.

Step 2: Just open it and navigate to Media and Stream respectively.

Step 3: Go to Network tab.

Step 4: Paste the YouTube video link in the empty box and then click the Stream button.

Step 5: Click on Next button continuously until you get the following window.

VLC Stream Output Settings

Step 6: Click in the empty box to select Stream all elementary streams and click the Stream button.

Now, your video will be started running.

Important Note: VLC requires a very good data connection to stream YouTube video.

So, if you do not have quite good data connection, try following ways.



Minitube is one of the best tools to watch YouTube video from desktop. Even, in my opinion, Minitube is better than VLC media player to watch YouTube video. Minitube is premium software. Yet you can try the trial version of Minitube, which comes with limited features.

Just install Minitube and start using it. To play videos using Minitube, follow the subsequent steps:

Step 1: Choose either particular Keyword or Channel from the start screen and search for desired keyword/channel.

Step 2: Choose any video from left sidebar and watch it in your right pane.

This is as simple as said. You can also subscribe to any YouTube channel by navigating to Video and Subscribe to [channel name].



It is yet great portable software that is available for Mac and Windows. The user interface is pretty good and it is covered by fewer options. To play a YouTube video using VinnPlayer, just download and open it. After that, search for any video using keyword.

Either you can double-click on any video from search result or you can click on any video and Play button.

That’s all! Now your video will be started playing.

Final Word

According to me, Minitube is the best software to watch YouTube video from desktop. You can try more other software to do the same thing.

Do you want to watch YouTube videos like this? Which is working best for you?

Image Credit: Flickr

Five Ways to Know it’s Time to Retire Your Old Mobile Phone

HTC One and iPhone5

HTC One and iPhone5

With mobile technology growing bigger and better by the minute, newer models are being released on a regular basis. With this in mind, technically minded individuals are doing their utmost to get their hands on the latest handsets.

Take the BlackBerry Torch for example. This particular model is one of the newest introductions from the brand yet and those that own an older BlackBerry, such as theBlackBerry Bold, may wish to sell their existing model in order to upgrade to a more contemporary version.

1. Wear and tear

As well as technological advances, other reasons you may wish to upgrade your existing handset include wear and tear. Using a phone on a daily basis can take its toll and as such, can leave the mobile in question looking worn, faded and shabby.

If you own a flip phone, you may find that opening and closing the phone is no longer a smooth transaction. The buttons may have become a little stiff and if you own a BlackBerry, the trackball may cause the cursor to roll in the wrong direction.

These faults are often caused by overuse and sometime by carelessness. We’ve all dropped our phone whilst running to catch the last train home and we’ve all haphazardly thrown it into a handbag. Both of these factors can affect the appearance and the workings of the handset. Even if you do your utmost to keep your handset in tiptop condition, time will still cause it to lose its initial shiny appearance.

2. Staying ahead of the game

If like many, you find yourself wanting to share everything from what you had for breakfast to your current location, you’ll need a handset that is able to perform these tasks. Many of the newer models, including the updated BlackBerry Bold, perform pretty much every assignment possible. This includes offering a number of tech-savvy applications, allowing you to directly upload snaps to a variety of social media sites. 3G enables download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, whilst allowing consumers to avoid tedious loading times.

3. You want your phone to listen to you

Do you ever wish your phone could talk to you? Well the good news is they can! Voice control allows individuals to call contacts in their phonebook without lifting a finger. This comes as great news to those that often have their hands full.

 4. You’re tired of playing alone

If you’ve become a little bored of the same two games that came with your phone, then you’re most certainly ready to upgrade. Almost all smartphones boast a variety of entertainment applications, meaning the lengthy journey to work will never be monotonous again. Download everything from classic solitaire to high-tech video games.

 5. Street cred

Staying at the forefront of technology is extremely important to both the fashion conscious and the tech-savvy. Having the newest, most talked-about handset on the market is therefore imperative and at the same time, will allow access to all of the latest apps.

Music Magpie will allow you to recycle your original handset safely. Regardless of whether you want to sell Blackberry Bold 9780 handsets you no longer enjoy, they offer competitive prices.

How To Add Spell-Checking To Your Favorite Windows Apps

Do you feel the need of spell check if you’ve got the desire to master in writing job? Yes, then the Internet is the best resources to digg around. But reaching at right website to follow is not so easy for everyone.

Although few Windows apps come together with built-in spell checking but there is also a way – look at tinySpell that allow you to add spell checking to all of your apps or a select group. It could be quite useful specially for non-native English speaker. And everyone can use it to improve their writing skills with correct words.

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Handy Instructions To Speed Up An Internet Connection

The Internet is a global system of interconnected billions of users worldwide through computer. In 21 century computers are become un-separable part of our lives, defiantly. Internet has made our life a bit easier than ever.

Couple of year ago you might experienced very slow speed on 56 kbps dial up Internet connection. And today you can achieve up to 512 Kbps speed where you can download full-length movies in very less time. There are so many advantages of using high-speed internet like online gaming, downloading songs, movies and many more.

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DeskSlide To Change Your Desktop Wallpapers Automatically

Probably you may never find any easiest way to change your desktop wallpaper in your life. DeskSlide landed that simple way. It is a desktop wallpaper software which is available in 7.32 Mb binary file for free download. After installing you can see that you r desktop is more livable then ever before. DeskSlide automatically chances wallpapers.

Everyone looking for some beautiful background wallpapers to keep interest at work place. Because same wallpaper day in and day out cannot helps you to fresh your mood while working. But change wallpaper time to time also could be headache so DeskSlide can drown this problem away from you.

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How To: Create an Apple ID in iTunes Without a Credit Card

You can discover few amazing iOS apps like Google Earth and Adobe Ideas on the iTunes Apps store. Definitely, all are free to download but there is a provision to having a US based Apple ID to install them on to your iPhone or iPad.

Even though it is very simple to figure out the problem by creating another Apple ID. But at first you need to sign-out of your present account. In case you do not have a U.S based credit card, you required to set ‘none’ as the payment method. Now you allowed to download US apps with the new Apple ID.

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