TutuApp – Best App Installer for iOS

Over the last few years, jailbreaking has been stepped up a notch, with utilities being released on an incredibly regular basis. Many expected this to continue when iOS 10 was released, despite the warnings from Apple that they would stop jailbreaking and, although we have had a couple of jailbreaks, they haven’t been for everyone […]

How to use bitcoin for gambling and sports betting

Photo by  antanacoins  In the vast world of online casinos and bookmakers, it can be hard choosing which site to play, or where to place your bet. What makes one site stand out from another? Sites can differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering different promotions, or odds, but they are all generally quite similar. To […]

How to Download YouTube Videos in 3 Simple Ways?

download youtube videos

YouTube is the most visited site on the Internet and is the only place where you can find almost every video that you are looking for. But there is no way to download YouTube videos directly from the site as no option has been added to the interface. The recent update in YouTube app for […]

How to Download All Instagram Photos and Videos in Your Hard Disk

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing websites, where you can upload square image (Generally) and small video clips. Instagram is growing rapidly since 2010. In this little span of time, they have successfully engrossed 200 million active users, according to the last report.   If you often use and love Instagram, you […]

How to Watch YouTube Video from Desktop

YouTube Logo

YouTube, the second largest search engine, is incessantly getting 72 hours of video uploaded in each minute. You can find almost all types of videos i.e. entertainment, how to’s, product reviews and anything else. YouTube has gained such a great position because of its quality and simplicity. It is easy to go to YouTube, find a […]

Five Ways to Know it’s Time to Retire Your Old Mobile Phone

With mobile technology growing bigger and better by the minute, newer models are being released on a regular basis. With this in mind, technically minded individuals are doing their utmost to get their hands on the latest handsets. Take the BlackBerry Torch for example. This particular model is one of the newest introductions from the […]

How To Add Spell-Checking To Your Favorite Windows Apps

Do you feel the need of spell check if you’ve got the desire to master in writing job? Yes, then the Internet is the best resources to digg around. But reaching at right website to follow is not so easy for everyone. Although few Windows apps come together with built-in spell checking but there is […]

Handy Instructions To Speed Up An Internet Connection

The Internet is a global system of interconnected billions of users worldwide through computer. In 21 century computers are become un-separable part of our lives, defiantly. Internet has made our life a bit easier than ever. Couple of year ago you might experienced very slow speed on 56 kbps dial up Internet connection. And today […]