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XNSPY Could be the Next Big Star in the Cell Phone Spy Market


It is a market filled with fakers and scams, that much is true. So it is likely that XNSPY would get lost in this crowd as another trick app. Which is why I’m writing this review today because XNSPY is actually quite a well-rounded sophisticated app that delivers what it promises—a complete cell phone spy app for parents and employers.



I’m going to admit, XNSPY has a complicated design. When I first installed it, I did get slightly lost. But as far as mobile spy software go, the layout is pretty clean cut. What makes it complicated, however is the sheer number of tabs and options. But that’s probably because I bought the Premium package, which gives me complete usability—we’ll get back to this in a bit.

I didn’t have to be confused for long because the package said I could hit up their customer support anytime. So I did just that and they were more than happy to give me a walkthrough.

The Specs


There is a lot that XNSPY can do. And I mean a lot. But let me give you a breakdown anyway, just so you know what you’re getting into. It has

  • Call monitoring
  • Call recording
  • SMS monitoring
  • IM monitoring—including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and iMessages
  • GPS tracking
  • Viewing installed apps
  • Viewing media gallery
  • Remotely locking phone
  • Remotely wiping phone data
  • Browsing history monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Viewing phonebook

And honesty, these are only some of the functions. There is a lot that you can do within these features, too. For example, in the GPS tracking one, you can create geo-fences. This means you are alerted anytime your subject enters or leave an impermissible area.


Onto the package I was talking about. There are 2 major packages, Basic and Premium. You can buy a monthly package, a 6-month package, or an annual one. You get 75% off if you get the annual one. The Basic one starts at $8.33, and the Premium one at $16.66. I’d personally recommend that you get the Premium one, because you get more value for your dollar. There are a lot more features for you to explore with this one.

Final Rating

I’d give XNSPY 4/5 stars. There is a little room for improvement. They still need to extend their compatibility to Blackberry. And they need to be more capacious on the social media monitoring front. But if you’re a parent or an employee looking to get a cell phone spy, I’d say go for XNSPY. It’s your safest bet.

5 Steps To Set An Successful Android Battery Saving Plan

Five Steps to setup a successful Android battery saving pla
If you are using an Android Smartphone then you must know that Battery Life of your Android phone Is how much Important.Usually people using Android phone always worry about their Android’s battery life But You can overcome this worry by following these 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.There Is no fault of android users In decreasing their android battery life because almost every application In Android Market Which require an working data connection for automatic updates,ads,to show offers etc and after downloading these applications on your Android device they ruin It’s battery life by background data usage and their are lot of other ways too which take part In decreasing your android battery life.In this article we will discuss some aspects which will help you to set an successful Android Battery saving plan.Let’s do It.

1:See Who Is Eating More:

It’s the first step towards setting an successful Android Battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.To think and to apply an plan to must have to do some observation So go home screen>setting>about phone>battery In your Android Device then check which functions Is using more battery of your android device.After observing this section think about them and use them with an perfect planning.

2:Disable Data Traffic:

It’s the second step towards setting an successful android battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.This step might hurt some people but I found It’s the best way save battery of your android device.In my early days My android’s battery was really disturbing me but since I have decided to use data traffic when needed I am really happy about my Android battery.It’s giving me really enough time to complete my tasks. This step Is the heart of this plan that only enable data traffic when needed.To do this step just go to setting>accounts and sync and then tap on background data.

3:Turn Off Auto Sync:

It’s the third step towards setting an successful Android battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.This step Is for those who do not want to disable their data traffic.In this step you have to turn off automatic sync of your online accounts like Google and Facebook.This steps will not hurt you at all and this will be prove as an important factor In Improving your android device’s battery life.To complete this step just go to setting>accounts and sync and then you can tap on Auto- sync or from their you can also cancel sync for certain applications.

4:Turn Off WiFi And Bluetooth:

It’s the fourth step towards setting an successful android battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.Some people do not pay importance to WiFi and Bluetooth and this ignorance finish the battery life of their Android Device.If you are doing so then now It’s time to pay some importance to WiFi and Bluetooth.You should turn off Bluetooth of your Android Device after transferring files and you should also turn off WiFi when not using Internet on it.

5:Brightness And Orientation:

It’s the fifth and last step towards setting an successful android battery saving plan among 5 steps to set an successful android battery saving plan.I suggest to use automatic brightness to get the best result and also uncheck the box of automatic orientation when device turns because In landscape mode will be finish soon.To complete this step go to settings>sound and display and then do the job.

After applying these steps on your Android Device I think you will get the required results.

Android Apps in Web OS on the HP Touch Pad

HP Touch Pad

The HP Touchpad. For a tablet that was on the market for only a few short weeks, it has had an impact that many device manufacturers surely envy, which seems almost bizarre when you consider that a major factor in HP’s decision to cancel it was lackluster sales. As you all may recall, HP ended up liquidating their entire inventory of TP’s in what was probably the most amazing firesale deal we’re likely to see in our lives, and as a result anywhere from 700,000 to a few millions of these made their way into the hands of consumers. Many of those consumers fell in love with it and its webOS 3.0 operating system, praising its well designed user interace and impressive approach to multitasking that many still consider to be superior to iOS and Android’s.

So why did the Touchpad fail? A number of reasons – but probably the most significant of these was the limited amount of major app developers that got behind it to make their flagship apps available on the platform. To address this, a port of the Android operating system was developed for the Touchpad by the Cyanogenmod development team, allowing Touchpad owners to reboot into Android when they wanted to use an app that was unavailable to webOS.

Now however, a startup company is seeking to give users an even better option. The appropriately named Phoenix International Communications Inc is comprised of webOS fans from all over the globe who collaborate together via Internet. PIC, as they like to be called, has recently launched a Kickstarter project ( ) which if successful will release a software application called the Application Compatibility Layer (ACL). When installed on the Touchpad ACL enables users to download both paid and free Android apps directly onto the device, installing them so they sit side by side with native webOS apps and can be run in cards just like any normal webOS app. This removes the need to dual boot into Android, allowing webOS users to stay in their preferred operating system all the time.

If this sounds like it’s a bit complicated to pull off, it is. Fortunately however the project is not starting from scratch. The project is based on existing technology by OpenMobile, a company based in Framingham, Massachusetts, which offers this technology to OEM device makers. PIC has posted some videos online showing an early alpha version of the technology in action. There is still a good amount of work to be done however to refine the system, improve the performance and make it truly market ready, and PIC is seeking to raise the $35,000 they need to complete this work.

Seeing the functioning alpha version both answers questions and raises more questions, and we’re glad to be able to get at least some of the answers direct from the horse’s mouth, the horse in question being Marc Edwards, Development Manager at PIC.

Why the HP Touchpad? There already is a workaround by using Cyanogenmod

“The answer to this one is that you have to start somewhere, and we feel that the Touchpad, being the most well known webOS device stood the best chance of gaining enough support to make for a successful Kickstarter. It’s unfortunate, because other webOS devices like the Pre3 simply do not enjoy the same degree of name recognition that the Touchpad has, and it is unlikely we would have received the same about of support we are currently getting with another webOS device.”

But why ONLY the Touchpad?

“We wanted to be able to get the software out to the market within a reasonable time frame, and increasing the amount of work required by trying to have it support multiple devices does not seem to be a wise decision to us. To perform it’s best the software needs to be optimized for the hardware it is running on, and just because the TP and say the Pre3 share similar CPU’s and GPU’s may not necessarily mean that accommodating both of them will be a quick and easy task. The great thing though is that if we have success with the TP project, so long as the demand is there for it on say the Pre3 and the Veer, we can then look seriously at doing a poject for those devices as well. Hopefully too that will not cost as much, as I would imagine it could be based on the TP code.”

But on the Kickstarter campaign, you don’t make mention of the Pre3 or other devices

“Kickstarter has pretty specific rules regarding how they want you to run projects. They want the backers to make decisions based on what is promised for the current project, not on speculation about a future project that may come next if the current project succeeds. So while we definitely want to have ACL available on the other devices, that is not something that can be put in our Kickstarter campaign. Maybe I shouldn’t even be saying that here!”

Ok, here’s another one. Android 2.3? It’s over two years old already
“Well, that’s a interesting one. Firstly, let me point out that something like 40% of android devices are still running 2.3, and the vast majority of apps still support it – the progression towards apps that can only run on Android 4 is going at a slow pace for that very reason. I would expect a year or so before being on 2.3 starts to become a big issue for MOST people from an App compatibility perspective.

“It’s related to the timeline for getting the product out onto the market, as well as the budget. A year ago when OpenMobile was working to get this out the door, Android 2.3 was not considered to be too far behind. But then what happened happened, and the product didn’t make it out the door, and now here we are today. In actuality, the decision of whether it will be 2.3 in the final version as in the demo has not yet been made. It’s something that is being looked into at the moment. OpenMobile has actually already been working with version 4 in ACL versions aimed at other devices. If it turns out that we can make the switch to Android 4 without introducing significant delays and exploding the budget we will do so. If it turns out that we can make an arrangement where it launches with 2.3.3. and then users can upgrade afterwards, that would be something that we would do. But we don’t know yet, so it’s better to leave the expectations where they are for now until we can be sure that we will be exceeding them. “

Some people are saying that $35K is a lot of money to be asking for – why is it so expensive?

“The people that say that probably don’t work in software development. It is not a lot of money for a project of this nature. Also, it is not even the full cost of getting this done. PIC has already put up money to get the ball rolling on this – our members have dipped into savings, taken out loans, delayed other expenses, etc. And $35K raised on Kickstarter is not even $35K. By the time you take out Kickstarter fees which can be as high as 10% and the cost of rewards, what we get to go towards the project ends up being far less than that. $35K is really the minimum that we need in order to get this done, and if we don’t make the goal, we lose the money that we’ve invested so far. We’re actually sticking our necks out pretty far to try and make this happen, so we’re really hoping the community will show up and support us. Basically, if we don’t make the goal, we lose the money we’ve already committed. So it’s a bit tough on me personally when I see people saying that we’re trying to pull a fast one, or that were looking to make a quick buck….we comitted our own money first long before we asked anyone outside PIC for a penny.“

Best mobile phone for gaming

Mobile Gaming

While traveling to work you may wonder if there is anything that you can be doing in order to keep yourself entertained – these days your mobile phone is your best friend. This is because mobile phones can play great games while on the move, most of these games are available on the phone’s store, however there are other ways to play games as well. You can also play games in your phone’s web browser and many us casino online slots sites have support for mobile phones meaning that you can play all your favourite casino games anywhere at any time.

There are many different phones on the market however, if you’re looking into buying a new one there will be two different companies that are the leaders in the market. Google and Apple, over the last six years, have both developed operating systems which allow the users to use their phone in a simple and easy way.

If you’re looking to buy an Apple phone then there is only one type on the market and this is called the iPhone; the iPhone five is the latest phone and has very impressive specs with a great CPU and GPU meaning that you play all the games you want while out and about. The iPhone 5 also has a retina display meaning that the screen is incredibly clear, this is due to the very high resolution on the small screen meaning the all pictures become crystal clear.

If however you are looking to buy a Google phone then the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be the one for you, this phone is Samsung’s flagship phone meaning that it has the best specs of any on their line. It also has an impressive screen however the CPU and GPU within the Galaxy S4 is actually more powerful meaning that the phone will stay relevant for longer in terms of technology.

888poker App for Android now Available

shane mobile

The new 888poker app for Android is packed full of games players can access on their Android tablets or smartphones. It seems everyone is on the go in today’s world, and 888poker has developed an app similar to the 888 desktop client, but for busy poker players, who might not always have time to sit down at their personal computers. The mobile poker games are of the highest quality. Mobile players are excited about the new poker app and its easy download. Plus, mobile players are able to take advantage of 888poker’s rewards and bonuses, just like on the 888 desktop. 888poker has pioneered the way for users to play poker on their handheld devices and tablets. Poker fun is a click away with the new 888poker Android app!

Innovative Features Give Mobile Poker App Style

The 888poker mobile app is simple to navigate with its attractive layout and design. Players can click and start playing their favorite games. Basic features make it possible for poker players to access an exciting selection of classic poker games. Best of all, the 888poker app for Android is an ongoing process, meaning more features will be added later. Currently, players will not see features like opponent note taking, player searches, hand replays and multi-table poker games, however, as technology advances, so will the 888poker mobile poker design for poker enthusiasts.

Naturally, the size of the mobile devices determines which features work and which are inappropriate for this size. The 888poker desktop platform, meanwhile, will always serve players with a full set of features they have enjoyed in the past. The Android poker app, however, has several innovative features new to mobile users, such as a bet slider for changing bets and oversized buttons for players.

Easy Registration at 888poker

Registering for the 888poker app is easily completed on a PC through the 888poker desktop platform. Players only need to provide their home addresses, password and email address on a brief registration form. Deposits may also be made from the 888poker desktop client. 888poker prides itself in its safe and secure website with a variety of banking options. Making deposits from a personal PC is recommended. After players set up their mobile accounts, they will notice a Cashier Button, which will give players the freedom to make withdrawals and deposits. Currency options are included.

The 888poker Download and Installation Process

As players complete their registration, the 888poker app for Android will be available for download. Players simply follow the instructions of the download links directly from the 888poker site. Using the Google Play market to execute the download is not an option because the app is only installed properly using the 888 method that obviates download issues. Players need to ensure their mobile devices will accept non-market apps, which is easily enabled.

The download is initiated and completed by following several steps. First, players navigate to Settings. The second step is Applications and then Enable Unknown Sources. The app is only 10MB for a quick and easy download. To install, players will click 888poker.apk. Players will then login to the app via their username and password created during registration.

Troubleshooting the 888poker app for Android download

To avoid problems during the installation or download, players should check their mobile devices for Flash Player, which is absent in the older Androids. There is no need for players to panic because 888poker has an email specifically for mobile players at Questions will be answered promptly.

888poker Accommodates New Players

New players are always welcome at 888poker. Account registration is free, and within minutes, players will be enjoying the mobile features for their favourite poker games. New players are treated to a Free $8 Registration Bonus!

Bonuses and rewards ongoing feature at 888poker app for Android

Players will enjoy 888poker’s high quality games and flexibility on the app for Android. In addition to the welcome bonus for new players, 888poker also offers a 100 percent first deposit bonus up to $400. The cash gives players more opportunities to play mobile poker games and establish their favourites! In downloading and registering for the 888poker Android app, players will see their bankrolls grow through promotions and bonuses, not to mention having their preferred games at the click of an oversized button!

Step by Step Instructions for the 888poker Mobile App

  • Make sure the mobile device supports Flash Player
  • Navigate to Settings, Applications and Unknown Sources to enable non-market apps
  • Complete the brief 888poker registration from a personal PC
  • Register for Instant Play or No Download poker games
  • Receive the welcome bonus – a free $8
  • Use the QR code on this page, and visit to download
  • After registration, click here for PC download
  • Click 888poker.apk once the download is complete
  • Enter the username and password created during registration. This will log players into the 888poker app for Android. Begin playing and enjoy!