Building High Quality One Way Backlinks

Building high quality one way backlink is important and good for promotion of your website. Links to your website or any specific web page can come from two place. First, If other webmaster link to your content. Secondly, If you have place the link yourself at known place.

Sometimes when you create superb content post, then other webmasters link back to your webpage. But it happens in rare case and it is too slow. If you are not getting such backlinks then you need to create high quality one way backlinks. It is easy for experienced webmasters but little difficult task for beginners. Don’t worry, You can also build quality backlinks for you website. Here are some ways to build your backlinks count :


Forums are great backlinks source if the forum is relevant to you niche. If your forum participation will be good then for sure other forum members will click on the link in your signature.

Articles Directory

Article Directory is favorite of most of the webmasters to get high quality backlinks. There are many article directories which allow you to use anchor text when you link out from your resource box section.

Web 2.0 Sites

Hubpages and Squidoo are valuable in Search Engines. They are good source of quality backlinks and traffic if you have good content. Better content will let have quality links from it.

Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmaring is a great method to get backlinks and traffic too.

Video Directory Sites

Youtube which is second ranked search engine in the world is very beneficial in such case. Traffic from these types of websites has value, whether the link is nofollow or do follow. Quanity of that much quantity cannot be ignored.

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15 thoughts on “Building High Quality One Way Backlinks

  1. Hey thanks Sharat , This Articles clears The Subject of link building for new bloggers like me!

  2. Hi Sharat

    Nice Article.

  3. Hi Sharat, Fantastic article mate. Link building is a must for SEO and without link building you can’t make your blog a popular one. Thanks for sharing these methods with us.

  4. Nice article Sharat…really a treasure for a newbie…

  5. Websites like HubPages and Squidoo also works great. Article Marketing can also give you quality one way links.

  6. I mostly use forums to get backlinks :)

  7. Hey Sharat

    Link building is must for better SEO and to gain high page rank. One simple method to get high quality links is to write quality articles. Others will automatically give link backs to your site.

  8. Good post quite informative. I personally feel link back from social sites like orkut, facebook and twitter will increase your SER’s.

  9. Good article bro. Thanks

  10. Uang Internet says:

    Thank you for the update. I am new to SEO and although its still a mystery for me on how to use this but I will study this for sure it will help me lot. Thank you once again for the informative post.

  11. Thank you, Sharat. I must admit that I’m still new when it comes to building links.

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