How To Add Spell-Checking To Your Favorite Windows Apps

Do you feel the need of spell check if you’ve got the desire to master in writing job? Yes, then the Internet is the best resources to digg around. But reaching at right website to follow is not so easy for everyone. Although few Windows apps come together with built-in spell checking but there is […]

10 Best Free Alternative Web Browsers For Linux

It may hesitate if you need to shift on other browser from Mozilla Firefox. And will try to stay on Firefox anyhow. It is one of most famous browser to surf the Internet. Windows user must to download it and in most Linux distro Mozilla Firefox comes as a default web browser. Mozilla Firefox has […]

11 Coolest Websites Worth To Bookmark

Today, tens of millions of website are present on web and most of them claims that they serve coolest stuff in their category but is it true? Are they really bringing worthy information? Not really. A computer enthusiast goes very specific on internet when it comes to pick out the correct way of getting things […]

6 Best Free Ways To Download Any Youtube Videos

After acquiring YouTube by Google in 2006 it became one of most famous video sharing site on the Internet. Presently everybody urge to watch their video. YouTube let you allow to upload and share your favorite video shoots with all others, can be humorous, instructive or whatever. From Internet marketing prospective having a video presence […]

10 Best Free Solution To Monitor Your Site’s Uptime

You might be wondering that how you can check your site uptime. I must say that keeping eye balls all the time on computer screen doesn’t possible in real life. If site is down it means a lot for you regarding revenue. Every now and then it happens that Website can go down. Down-time for […]

Handy Instructions To Speed Up An Internet Connection

The Internet is a global system of interconnected billions of users worldwide through computer. In 21 century computers are become un-separable part of our lives, defiantly. Internet has made our life a bit easier than ever. Couple of year ago you might experienced very slow speed on 56 kbps dial up Internet connection. And today […]

DeskSlide To Change Your Desktop Wallpapers Automatically

Probably you may never find any easiest way to change your desktop wallpaper in your life. DeskSlide landed that simple way. It is a desktop wallpaper software which is available in 7.32 Mb binary file for free download. After installing you can see that you r desktop is more livable then ever before. DeskSlide automatically […]

How To: Create an Apple ID in iTunes Without a Credit Card

You can discover few amazing iOS apps like Google Earth and Adobe Ideas on the iTunes Apps store. Definitely, all are free to download but there is a provision to having a US based Apple ID to install them on to your iPhone or iPad. Even though it is very simple to figure out the […]