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Don’t smoke, just VAPE. Electronic cigarettes from Vapourlites

The one question my friends often ask me is “Why do you smoke?” I never quite got the answer myself, but you know I smoke and it’s pretty fashionable. My favorite actor Al Pacino has been smoking cigarettes and cigars in almost all his movies. I enjoy a good smoke after a hectic day. But recently there have been so many researches and case studies to prove that Tobacco consumption and smoking of tobacco is the major cause for life threatening cancers like Lung Cancer, Oral cancer and many others.

The list of ill effects of tobacco is so huge that Wikipedia has a dedicated page for keeping track of all the diseases caused by tobacco. This information was too much for my mind to process, I knew that I was not smoking too many cigarettes and I was not a chain smoker. I have a pretty good diet and healthy routine every day, with morning and evening walks and a strong vegan diet. I knew I would not be one of those cancer patients.

But still my Doctor warned me.

I always had this belief that I could always quit smoking. But when I really tried to quit smoking it was a tough task. So I started searching for some alternatives, starting with the Nicotine gum, the nicotine patches and many other so called satisfying alternatives. I failed to get a taste to any of these alternatives, my body still craved a smoking hot cigarette.

The search for a good alternative continued until I was online one fateful day and stumbled upon a company called Vapourlites and their e-cig collection. The concept of e-cigarettes is simple, a normal cigarette contains more than 4000 chemical compounds out of which 69 are proved to cause cancer. And e-cigs doesn’t contain Tar, Carbon Monoxide, no ash and no bad breath. And the risk of diseases is far lesser than a traditional cigarette.

Welcome to the new Era of Smoking: Vaping.

E-Cigs like the eGo ecigaratte and VL Micro from Vapourlites don’t have smoke, it has vapor, which gives the actual taste and feel of a normal cigarette. The nicotine in e-cigarettes is extracted from the tobacco plant, it is separated from tar and other plant material that cause cancer when smoked.

E-cigarettes hold nicotine in liquid form, which gets heated into a vapor and released when a user sucks on the end. And the user then exhales vapor and not smoke, the vapor is almost odorless and doesn’t stay on cloths and on the smoker’s body.


VL eGo 650 Electronic Cigarette

The VL eGo 650 Electronic Cigarette from Vapourlites comes ‘…with a refillable tank holds up to 1.6ml of Vapourlites E Liquid, which is the equivalent of around 60 standard cigarettes. The CE4 also comes in a smoked glass effect along with our class leading Lithium 650mAh battery finished in matt black. This product also comes with its own USB charger. A fully charged 650mAh should last up to 6.5 hours.”

The look and feel of these eGo Electronic Cigarettes is just like a normal cigarettes. The kick or hit that you get after smoking a eGo is similar to a normal Cigarette and you wouldn’t miss holding a smoking hot cig in your hand as these cigs come with a LED light that glow when you suck it.

VL Micro: The World’s smallest disposable eCig


The VL Micro is termed as the world’s smallest e-cigarette, it is small, lightweight and feels almost like a regular small sized cigarette. It also comes in 2 different flavors Menthol and Tobacco. Each VL Micro is equivalent to approximately 15 regular cigarettes or 150 puffs. It is ready to use and there are no detachable parts in it. The VL Micro works in the same way as the VL eGo 650, but VL Micro is disposable and lasts until the battery lasts. The one thing that makes VL Micro stand apart from others is that it is disposable, no need to recharge, and no need of any chargers or USB cables. It’s a portable fits in your pocket, smoke as and when you need. For a regular smoker it may last for a week or more but if you smoke less then it will last much more than a week.

Last Words

Now coming back to the question that my friends often ask me “Why do you smoke?” I still haven’t figured it out, but you know what? I stopped smoking regular cigarettes and started Vaping. And the best part is it is much safer and looks much cooler. Probably my favorite actor Al Pacino will someday start Vaping in his movie.

Until then, have a pleasant Vaping Experience.

OLX available for your smartphones and tablets


There is no doubt that OLX is one of the most useful sites for selling and buying products and services. However, this company is not satisfied only with leading this market and being situated in the top 20 most visited sites in India. Since this company started in March 2006, it hasn´t stopped working in making people´s life easier. Nowadays, this service is translated in 40 languages and used in over 105 countries.  A very good example is the new mobile application which was launched recently. If buying or selling something is very simple through a PC–you just have to send a photograph of the product you would like to sell, write an ad, fill your personal details and log with your email- now with a Smartphone or tablet is much more, if possible.

On the one hand, OLX app download is not difficult at all, it is available for all operating systems and very easy navigable. The only thing you have to do is to look for it in Google Play Store or App Store (If you are an `Apple lover´, it is important to know that there is an OLX app for Iphone, Ipad touch and Ipad, so you can have this application in all your devices.)

On the other hand, to post an announcement is very quick and you stay connected people with a finger touch. One of the advantages of this application is that it lets you search local ads and also so it shows you the announcements which are nearer your position.  It is possible because the app has a real map integrated. What is more, this app has a very good user interface.

Finally, another positive point of OLX app is that you can share any ad that you think it could be interesting for your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.


Are all casino apps made equal?


There are absolutely loads of casino apps across Android and iOS, meaning that every player will be able to find something they like.

But for those who don’t fancy trawling through lots of reviews to find the best app for their smartphone or tablet, we’ve done it for you. We’ve selected a few casino apps that we believe are among the best.

Jackpot City

This well known casino brand has an app for both Android and iPhone smartphones. Powered by Microgaming the app has great graphics and sounds. There are 17 different games ranging from the famous progressive slot game Mega Moolah to Blackjack, roulette and Tomb Raider.

As with most casino apps, it closely follows the online casino format, but in a way that is much easier to play on your device. The app was launched in 2009 and has added new games at every update. It’s audited by the eCOGRA, meaning it’s secure and safe for players.

You can also play video poker, slots and bingo and there is customer support 24 hours a day. It’s a properly immersive and engaging experience and well worth checking out.

Lucky Nugget

This popular online casino has been running games on the internet for over 10 years and has released its own mobile casino app. Compatible with both major platforms, that is iOS and Android it can be played across most smartphones.

Playable titles include Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck slots, as well as progressive slot machines like Mermaids Millions.The app has spread the joy of Lucky Nugget further and allows customers to play online games whenever and wherever they are, without needing to be glued to a computer.

A carefully crafted app that loses none of the complexity of the main online casino website, Lucky Nugget Mobile gives players a wide range of games – 22 titles in total. Choose from Double Double Bonus Poker, roulette or classic blackjack.

Whether you want some quick slots action or a longer table games, the Lucky Nugget mobile app will give you an amazing experience.

Gaming Club

One of the leading online casinos, Gaming Club only launched its mobile app in 2012, but it has quickly become extremely popular with players.

It’s compatible not only with iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) but also with Android devices and Blackberry phones, making it accessible for pretty much everyone who owns a smartphone.

It offers a great selection of games and provides a really immersive and impressively Vegas experience from your mobile device. There are card games, progressive games, bingo and video poker, among the 11 different games on offer, which also include mobile baccarat and roulette.

Watching The Game Was Never So Interactive !

Listening to radioLong ago, people would spend Saturday afternoons on the terraces with a tinny little radio clamped to one sweaty ear, as they tried to keep up with results from across the country. Then somebody invented a way to carry the internet around with you.

Tablets and smartphones have revolutionized the way we enjoy sport. Screen size is a major consideration when buying a device, as is the size of the device itself. A smartphone may be more suited to live events, while tablets might be better off at home (or in a reasonably civilized bar).

Apple iOS fans prize its elegance and ease of use. The iPad 4 is a fantastic tablet, though the iPad mini might be preferable for the sports fan who wants a compromise between a smartphone and a full-size tablet.

Google’s Android boasts flexibility and a wider range of devices (and prices). The Nexus 7 tablet can be had for well under £200 – shop around.

While Windows and BlackBerry offer well-received machines, both, especially BlackBerry, lack the huge range of apps for iOS and Android. Nokia’s Lumia 720 is, however, a great Windows phone at under £250. Android fans will want to consider Sony’s powerful Xperia Z1. It’s tough enough to survive a day at the races, and the camera is superb.

Apps-wise, try talkSPORT’s free Premier League Live, which offers full commentary of every game. Handy if you’re at, say, St James’ Park and you need to know what’s happening at White Hart Lane.

With a bit of careful hashtag management, Twitter is a good way to keep up with sporting news, as well as being an outlet for your joy/frustration. Various Twitter apps are available for all platforms.

Live Sport On TV by Scothosts Group (iOS) will plan your viewing for (they claim) 35 different sports. Who knew there were 35 sports?

A decent betting app is a must for many fans. With offerings from all the big names like William Hill, Winner Sports, Bet365, Betfair and Coral, the options are almost endless. The apps vary quite a bit in look and feel, ease of navigation and bonuses available, so a regularly updated comparison site such as freebets.org is an extremely useful tool. It’ll display a clear, easy-to-use list of betting sites with bonuses offered, user ratings for each site, and “bet now” links for quick access. Live or in-play betting is hugely popular. A great place to start if you fancy a piece of the action is bet 365 at bookmakers.org.uk.

Finally, watch out for meat pie juice. Dried gravy is a nightmare to get off a screen without scratching it.

Spy on Skype Conversations with NetSpy

Spy On Skype Conversations

Spying on Skype conversation is now possible. If you have heard about mobile spy software and have the impression that it can monitor the internal activities on your mobile phone from your SMS messages and email conversation, then you are underestimating the powerful spying features of a mobile spy app. It does not merely offers a surveillance activity on your phone but the mobile technology can now spy even on your Skype conversation.

Netspysoftware has just unveiled another powerful feature of its mobile spy software application that can monitor your conversations on Skype even on a Portuguese language. With the recent release of the Viber monitoring feature that was unleashed previously that comes with an Italian language support, spying on Skype conversation gives a follow through on this event with the latest Netspysoftware feature update. With this new roll over feature revealed, Netspysoftware becomes powerful multi-language spy software on mobile that anyone can use these days for their surveillance needs.

This latest update regarding Netspysoftware.com feature on spying on Skype conversation in the Portuguese language open the avenue that more wonderful features will soon come. The Skype is a powerful online communication tool with millions of users worldwide. There is always the highest chance that the person you want to spy on is using the Skype program. With the Netspysoftware spying on Skype conversation, you will not miss an important conversation made on the monitored device using Skype.

Using the Netspysoftware is a fool proof way of spying anyone from your children, spouse, employees and even friends. The surveillance feature of the spy app extends in penetrating through a Skype conversation which you can closely monitor in real time remotely with the use of another device like a personal computer, internet enabled Smartphones or tablets. There is no limit on what you can do with a spy app and it can conveniently run its spying operation in a stealth mode and undetected.

Employers will now have the ability to monitor how their employees use the company issued mobile device during work hours. Even when they use Skype to chat or place a call on someone, this activity does not go undetected by an employer. With Netspysoftware, it is easy to track down Skype conversations even when the Portuguese language is used. Even parents will no longer be deprived of monitoring their children who use Skype on their monitored mobile device. With this capability feature of Netspy to monitor Skype conversation, it is easier and more convenient for parents to know who their children are constantly in contact with.

Spying and monitoring conveniences are among the services aimed to be delivered by Netspy to their consumers. Bringing the latest innovative technology is the promise of mobile spy apps and you should expect more features to be constantly rolling out in the near future. With spy software for mobile, you can always monitor all Skype chat messages, retrieve audio, video and document files that were sent and received through Skype. It is also convenient for you to access all of the Skype contacts and to retrieve the date and time details on each file that you remotely retrieved.

It is indeed a welcoming feature that Netspysoftware embraces to support the Portuguese language on their program. This is perhaps a step towards revolutionizing the features of their mobile spy app that will cater to wider audience coverage. As the spy on Skype conversation feature of Netspy extends to support the Portuguese language, it is expected that the program will take a bigger leap of providing a multi-language support on their Skype conversation monitoring feature.

Top Projects for Teachers to Print for Students

Teaching, no matter what grade or subject can require a lot of printing. There is no end to the printing that you as a teacher will do each school year in order to make sure that your students have the material they need to learn. Millions of copies are made by teachers each year that give you an advantage in helping to educate your students on the subject at hand. Whether it’s reading material, testing material or writing material you will find that you can spend a lot of time at a copy machine producing your educational tools. Also, having the best home printer as well as ink technologies, will make the process faster as well as higher quality.

Perhaps you are an Elementary teacher. You will find that you are able to print material that will allow you to teach your students the letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. You are also able to make copies of fun pages for your students to color as well. Since elementary teachers are normally responsible for teaching many subjects to their class, you will make the largest variety of copies in order to cover the subjects. You will print copies of math pages that provide problems for the class to solve from beginning counting to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You will also find plenty of lessons that you can print that are word or sentence related in order to educate your class.

Maybe you are the teacher of a certain subject such as history. You will find that you will be able to print projects that help you educate your class on the history of the states, countries, government and so many other topics. You may choose to teach your class about current events and how they will effect today’s times and be noted in history in years to come. Printed material concerning medieval times may be something that you will use in your classroom for your children. In order to teach your class about the Presidents that have served this country, you may find yourself printing a list of not only the Presidents but also some of the history on each president. You will find great charts that will allow you to teach your class about government and the order in which it runs. They will be able to learn the functions of the house, the senate, congress and the President.

As a math teacher, you will have no problem finding many projects that you can print for your students that will allow you to ensure that they are able to get plenty of practice pages on solving problems from fractions to geometry and algebra. Math can be a hard subject for many students and having an abundance of practice sheets may be the perfect tool to provide the extra help that some of your students may need in order to meet their problem solving needs.

If English is your subject, consider printing sheets that allow you to educate your class on the proper break down of sentences such as nouns, verbs adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. You can also find plenty of printable sheets that you can use that will allow you to teach them how to correctly create an outline for writing a quality story. Printing pages on punctuation is another topic that you will want to make sure that you are able to provide your class so that they are able to punctuate correctly.

Science is also a subject that can require a massive amount of printing. As a science teacher, you will find projects that allow you to print the information that you need for teaching your class about the solar system and all of the planets involved. Projects can also be found on performing certain experiments in the class room that will not only be educational but a fun learning experience for your class. If dissecting a frog in on your class agenda, print the diagram that teaches how to correctly dissect a frog in order to gain the most knowledge.

Extracurricular activities can also require printing projects. Art teachers, home economics teachers, band and music teachers can also benefit from the many printable projects that are available. A home economics teacher can print the recipes needed in order to teach her class about cooking as well as sewing projects and craft projects that are home related. A music teacher can print the lyrics to the songs that she plans to teach her class and a band teacher can print the music that is needed.

All teachers will find that they will have the need to print more than just lessons for their class; they will also need to print notes to be sent home to parents as well as calendars that can help their students to stay organized throughout a semester. They may choose to print flyers that offer information on school activities as well such as after school fund raisers or class trips. You will be able to take advantage of so many printable projects that you will have no problem providing your class with the information that is needed to make teaching easier. You and your students will benefit from the printable tools that you are able to apply to your class room teaching.

The Importance of Standby Power for your Business

Standby power systems

In the world of currency trading, there is an investment strategy that is referred to as forex news trading. Essentially, this method encourages investors to base their investment philosophy and each individual transaction on breaking economic trends, as they seek to gain a critical advantage in a competitive market.

The desire to remain competitive in a chosen market can also be transferred into the business world, especially as the current economic climate continues to fluctuate wildly. Firms are increasingly aware of their finances and the need to trade continuously, as the disruption of their business can have a significant impact on their long term profitability.

The Importance of Standby Power for your Business

If you have an engineering or labour based business, for example, it is absolutely crucial that your individual sites are able to operate to their optimum capacity. Anything that may impact on the productivity of your site based workforce will drive down turnover, which means that any disruption can be precisely measured in pence and pounds. Should your site experience a loss of power, for example, you may find your entire business compromised and this dictates the need for you to invest in a reliable standby power supply.

So what exactly are the key benefits of standby power? Consider the following: -

Standby power systems
The Loss of Time and Money: Being able to measure the financial impact of a power shortage is extremely useful, as over time you can estimate exactly how much profit is lost to unforeseen circumstances. By comparing this with the cost of a UPS (uninterrupted power supply), you will soon see the monetary benefits that come by investing in a standby power source. Most importantly, taking a proactive approach to this challenge will enable you to eliminate the risks posed by a power shortage and ensure that your employees work as efficiently as possible.

The Maintenance of Security: Regardless of the precise nature of your site based business, you are bound to have valuable items and pieces of equipment stored securely. A loss of power can cause your alarms, lighting and security gates to fail, however, leaving your assets exposed and vulnerable to the threat of theft and vandalism. A back-up power supply would negate this threat entirely, and ensure that your most valuable items are kept in a permanently secure and safe location.

Enhanced Staff Morale: As a general rule, a productive workforce is a happy and contented one. The majority of employees prefer to operate in a busy and professionally organised workplace, where they are assigned tasks that challenge them and effectively occupy their time. Power cuts can therefore undermine the morale of your staff, as they are forced to wait until the underlying issue has been repaired. By investing in a standby power source, you can guarantee a permanent supply of electricity and keep your employees full engaged at all times.

The Last Word

As a site based business owner, the productivity of your workforce is key to maximising profitability. To achieve this, you will need to be proactive in your mindset and willing to invest in a reliable source of standby power. Suppliers such as www.criticalpowersupplies.co.uk are renowned for their diversity of options and the value that they deliver, and therefore a key business service in an increasingly competitive economy.

Best mobile phone for gaming

Mobile Gaming

While traveling to work you may wonder if there is anything that you can be doing in order to keep yourself entertained – these days your mobile phone is your best friend. This is because mobile phones can play great games while on the move, most of these games are available on the phone’s store, however there are other ways to play games as well. You can also play games in your phone’s web browser and many us casino online slots sites have support for mobile phones meaning that you can play all your favourite casino games anywhere at any time.

There are many different phones on the market however, if you’re looking into buying a new one there will be two different companies that are the leaders in the market. Google and Apple, over the last six years, have both developed operating systems which allow the users to use their phone in a simple and easy way.

If you’re looking to buy an Apple phone then there is only one type on the market and this is called the iPhone; the iPhone five is the latest phone and has very impressive specs with a great CPU and GPU meaning that you play all the games you want while out and about. The iPhone 5 also has a retina display meaning that the screen is incredibly clear, this is due to the very high resolution on the small screen meaning the all pictures become crystal clear.

If however you are looking to buy a Google phone then the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be the one for you, this phone is Samsung’s flagship phone meaning that it has the best specs of any on their line. It also has an impressive screen however the CPU and GPU within the Galaxy S4 is actually more powerful meaning that the phone will stay relevant for longer in terms of technology.