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XNSPY Could be the Next Big Star in the Cell Phone Spy Market


It is a market filled with fakers and scams, that much is true. So it is likely that XNSPY would get lost in this crowd as another trick app. Which is why I’m writing this review today because XNSPY is actually quite a well-rounded sophisticated app that delivers what it promises—a complete cell phone spy app for parents and employers.



I’m going to admit, XNSPY has a complicated design. When I first installed it, I did get slightly lost. But as far as mobile spy software go, the layout is pretty clean cut. What makes it complicated, however is the sheer number of tabs and options. But that’s probably because I bought the Premium package, which gives me complete usability—we’ll get back to this in a bit.

I didn’t have to be confused for long because the package said I could hit up their customer support anytime. So I did just that and they were more than happy to give me a walkthrough.

The Specs


There is a lot that XNSPY can do. And I mean a lot. But let me give you a breakdown anyway, just so you know what you’re getting into. It has

  • Call monitoring
  • Call recording
  • SMS monitoring
  • IM monitoring—including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and iMessages
  • GPS tracking
  • Viewing installed apps
  • Viewing media gallery
  • Remotely locking phone
  • Remotely wiping phone data
  • Browsing history monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Viewing phonebook

And honesty, these are only some of the functions. There is a lot that you can do within these features, too. For example, in the GPS tracking one, you can create geo-fences. This means you are alerted anytime your subject enters or leave an impermissible area.


Onto the package I was talking about. There are 2 major packages, Basic and Premium. You can buy a monthly package, a 6-month package, or an annual one. You get 75% off if you get the annual one. The Basic one starts at $8.33, and the Premium one at $16.66. I’d personally recommend that you get the Premium one, because you get more value for your dollar. There are a lot more features for you to explore with this one.

Final Rating

I’d give XNSPY 4/5 stars. There is a little room for improvement. They still need to extend their compatibility to Blackberry. And they need to be more capacious on the social media monitoring front. But if you’re a parent or an employee looking to get a cell phone spy, I’d say go for XNSPY. It’s your safest bet.

Why To Choose AngularJS For Your Next Project


AngularJS is a Google product and is one of the popular JavaScript MVC framework that makes the front end web development much easier. It consists of various frameworks and plugins that are very useful for both designers as well as developers. AngularJS helps in building most organized web applications that are well architectured and easily maintainable.

The best thing about AngularJS is that it is has been developed and maintained by Google experts. The framework provides with templates for client side applications and standard web application structures. It does not require any extra plugin to create a data driven web framework. AngularJS helps in making applications that are easy to test and incredibly easy to create. Just add a few attributes to your HTML script and the application ready in no time.

The main feature of AngularJS is binding that provides a basic mechanism for integrating your data in the HTML code using bracketed expressions. The other important feature are the controllers that connect your HTML code with your data. AngularJS also has filters that allow you to reuse, test and modify your applications data. The filters option simply take an input, transform it and deliver the output as a result.

There are also some other useful features like ngRepeat that helps you to repeat the same user interface element again and again with the values in the set of data when you are working with various sets of data. Also features like directives are an essential part of the framework as they allow you to reuse HTML elements, attributes and classes. If are new to JavaScript then you should get started with AngularJS instead of going for some other alternative framework because it is really easy to accomplish all the features on your web application.

AngularJS is very popular framework among the web developers, JavaScript developers in particular and is widely used amongst them to create applications. Most of the applications that we see on the internet are made using the AngularJS framework. There are some pretty decent websites related to gambling, online slots site in particular that are made using the AngularJS framework. These sites have very good front end as well as they are fast and easy to develop as compared to other JavaScript frameworks.

AngularJS is a well-maintained framework and strongly recommended by us. You can download it for free from the official website. The site contains a good amount of information regarding the AngularJS framework and also includes the full API documentation along with a large number of examples and tutorials in order to learn web development using AngualrJS framework. We hope that by now you are convinced to choose AngularJS for your next project.

Tracking the Growth of POS Systems


POS, or Point of Sale, systems arrived on the market about fifty years ago to the joy of businesses and consumers alike. Now ubiquitous across almost all industries, POS terminals were revolutionary in their time, allowing marketplaces to dramatically reduce wait times. As the technology grew, POS systems became integral for inventory management, as well as in improving accessibility and speed exponentially. Today, POS systems retail at about $4,000  on average, according to Entrepreneur. And while that may seem like a hefty price tag, it’s virtually nothing compared to the investment required for archaic POS systems.

Lately, the evolution of POS systems has made another huge leap, the leap to mobile. Up until now, nearly every major POS innovation can be explained as an evolution, but this latest transformation qualifies as a revolution for several reasons. First, mobile POS systems, like the ones offered by Shopify, connect to iPads and other tablets, even smartphones are included. Since a significant portion of the public already has access to these devices, the massive investment required by a traditional terminal becomes obsolete. This increase in accessibility has vast repercussions for small business owners, artisans, farmers, and other individuals who don’t have the vast resources of a major corporation. Furthermore, as many of these POS systems offer high levels of cloud encryption, businesses and customers don’t have to fear the massive leaks besetting companies like Home Depot, which recently revealed that over 56 million credit cards were compromised, according to the Wall Street Journal. Here’s a brief overview of the evolution of POS systems, with a focus on modern advances and what we can expect from the future.

Early Days

POS terminals have their beginnings in the distant past, when the abacus, an arithmetic device utilizing round beads, was used by mathematicians in the ancient world. More recently, around the turn of the century, key-operated adding machines came onto the scene. The first cash register arrived in 1883, explains The Tech Storm. Skip ahead about a century and you’ll get to the digital revolution. In the early 1970s, tech giant IBM started offering point of sale devices to major retailers across the United States. The first devices were essentially mainframe computers, but they could print out records and receipts, a huge step up from previous methods.

A major innovator in the early POS world came, not from the tech sphere, but from fast food. McDonald’s, of all corporations, was extremely important in bringing POS systems to the every day man. Their POS network included a visual display with 11 buttons that customers could press to ring up their orders. This interactive experience changed the public’s expectation not only in fast food, but any time they stepped up to the register.

Today, Point of Sale systems are sleek, fast, and even more user-friendly than ever. Full graphic displays allow users to access information without any specialized knowledge, and major grocery stores and superstore chains have made self-checkout a modern phenomenon. However, these technologies necessitate major financial backing, which is often unavailable to small business owners. A further complaint is that they are not mobile, and as the world increasingly mobilizes, successful technology must as well.

The Advent of Mobile POS

Several benchmarks needed to be reached before POS systems could make the leap to mobile. The first are a bit obvious; computers needed to get more efficient and smaller. However, another major obstacle preventing the advent of mobile POS terminals was the question of storage. Any modern POS terminal must keep detailed records of all orders for business reports, taxes, and returns, among other things. Even as computer technology kept improving, the question of storage remained. That’s when the Cloud showed up.

Technically, the Cloud has been around as long as the internet has, so about fifty years. As Computer Weekly states, the Cloud didn’t really reach consumers until the nineties and it didn’t offer business solutions until the turn of the century. However, shortly after the dawn of the new millennium, the Cloud had arrived in a form that is pretty much identical to its current one.

This was big news for the POS world because instead of storing data on one central computer, as had been the case since the beginning, individual devices could run POS systems as software and communicate with a storage bank as long as they had internet connection. Records were simply moved into the Cloud, where they are accessible at any time and do not require a huge amount of storage capacity. Thanks to this breakthrough, devices with relatively small amounts of storage, such as smartphones and tablets, have been able to provide top-notch POS services to people in all sorts of industries. And, with the quality encryption offered by leading companies, customer information is safe and secure, as it should be. Analysts now show that the transition to mobile is only just beginning, but within the next ten years, we should see drastic changes in the way that we shop on the move.

Could this be the end for land-based casinos?  


Recent figures published concerning the casino revenues of Atlantic City have revealed that the region is suffering one of the biggest declines in years.

The area, which was once known as ‘America’s playground’ has reportedly now got one third of its casinos going into administration. Revenues in the New Jersey gambling haven have now dropped by 50 per cent, with the Trump Plaza recently being named as one of the newest and biggest casualties of the area’s decline in popularity.

More than 5,000 jobs were also axed when a $2.4 billion project, the Revel Casino, failed to get off the ground in 2012.

Economists have blamed the fall of Atlantic City on a saturated market, citing “too many casinos in one area” after more resorts began to crop up in neighboring states New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

But the problem has not just affected the east coast – Las Vegas could also be suffering the same fate, particularly where the environment is concerned. In July of this year, it was reported that Lake Mead, the main water source for the Nevada-based resort, had its lowest water volume on record since 1983. Experts claimed that fans of the City of Sin could have just 20 years left before the lake dries out altogether.

But while environmental concerns could be affecting Las Vegas, the land-based casino industry is not just suffering from a lack of interest from punters. Advances in technology have also given rise to online casinos, which are becoming more and more popular by the day.

The reasons that players would choose an online casino over a land-based casino are both obvious and plentiful. For one, sites like Uptown Aces offer players support on how to play their favorite games, taking away the social stigma of sitting down to a blackjack table with a real life dealer.

Moreover, improved accessibility is making gamblers turn away from land-based casinos. With the digital age giving us more smartphone options than ever and mobile internet like 4G on the rise, consumers can take part in a number of different gambling games from live sports betting to casinos in one easy swipe.

It’s not all bad news for land-based casinos however. While the digital age may be forcing some casino owners to play catch up, staff in the Atlantic City region remain optimistic. Tom Balance, chief operating officer and president of Borgata Hotel, said: “Even the most pessimistic forecasts have Atlantic City at a $2bn market, which would still be the third biggest market in the US five years from now.

“It’s not dying, it’s just changing dramatically.”

The 16 Top Certifications Vendors for IT Services

Marriage certificate

Nowadays, in order to be recognized as an IT professional who is capable of offering IT reliable services, you need to obtain certifications. The certifications can therefore be viewed as the ultimate marks of quality in IT professionals. Without them, one easily gets treated as a poseur, or some sort of IT quack, regardless of how much knowledge they actually have. Different certifications signify that the people holding them are capable of giving different IT services with a satisfactory degree of competency. For a single IT service (such as networking), you may find several competing vendors offering certifications. Then there are certain other IT services for which there is only a single certification. We will be looking at the top 16 vendors of IT certifications, and the sorts of IT services they tend to specialize in.

The 16 top certifications vendors for IT services are:


People with SAP certifications are seen as being competent to offer IT services that revolve around the operation and maintenance of SAP systems. More specifically, those may include IT services in the area of deploying and maintaining the SAP ERP system, the SAP CRM system… and so on.


The EC-Council offers people certifications that center on the provision of IT services in the highly specialized area known as e-commerce security. Thus, once you get an EC-Commerce certification, you are ready to set up shop, offering people e-commerce security solutions.


The IT services whose providers are certified by Zend are those who want to offer PHP programming services. PHP is used to code applications that are either deployed through the web or on mobile platforms.


Test King prepares people for the certifications that give them the opportunity to offer IT services in a wide cross-section of specialties. By availing a test engine (with mind boggling numbers of questions and answers) and a wide array of study guides to the said people, Test-King aids them greatly.


The certifications that Adobe offers are for IT services like graphic design and multimedia utilization. In these areas, Adobe is the top certifications vendor for IT services.


EMC’s certifications are for professionals whose ultimate goal is to offer IT services in cloud computing, mobility and in the area of virtualization. A good certification from EMC is seen as incontrovertible evidence of competence in those specializations.


People who pay the fees required to sit for various vendors’ IT services certification exams often require third party help, in order to pass on first attempt. Brain Dumps offers such help on a truly grand scale.


The Linux Professional Institute is a top certification vendor for IT services revolving around open source Linux software. People who have Linux Professional Institute certifications are sometimes engaged as Linux consultants, because they are always skillful.


Microsoft certifications cater for a diversity of needs, from Microsoft software operation to Microsoft systems support and onto Microsoft systems development. Microsoft is a top certifications vendor for IT services because its software is widely used, and demand for the IT services offered by its certifications’ holders is huge.


Pass4Sure is a certification preparation portal run by field experts for various IT certification specialties. Real exam questions are provided with accurate answers, to help certification exam candidates know how to cope with various information technology (IT) certification exam formats.


CompTIA is a well known vendor of certifications for IT services. The IT services catered for by CompTIA range from desktop support (via the popular A+ certification) to networking (via the popular N+ certification) and many others in between.

Magento Commerce

Magento has recently grown into the top certification vendor for IT services in e-commerce. Many online stores are powered by Magento, hence the great demand for people who have the right sets of skills to attain Magento certifications.


Actual Tests introduces an element of assurance in certification exam success, which is important because previously, people approached certification exams with fears of failing. At the Actual Tests website, you undergo exam drills that are so thorough that you simply can’t fail.


IT skills in the niche of wireless network setup and maintenance had, for many years, lacked reliable certifications. Not any more, as CWNP as emerged as a top certifications vendor for IT services in this (wireless networks) niche.

Ciw Certified

Few people will dispute the assertion that CIW is the top certifications vendor for IT services like web design and the entire set of other web development specializations. Investing in CIW certification is regarded as investing in professional trust.


Apple is a leading certifications vendor for IT services related to Apple computing products operations and Apple computing products maintenance. As more and more people buy Apple’s iPhones, iPads, iMacs and other similar products, demand keeps on growing for competent Apple support professionals – the ones with Apple certifications.

How to sell online

Buy Or Sell Online

Selling and buying online has become a trend now. At present people are juggling into these kinds of online markets where you can have access to thousands of used and second hand products. We, as humans, usually get bored of items we use daily and need a change after a particular period, or sometimes we buy some items that we end up not using. For this reason, it is a good idea to sell what you don’t use anymore.

You will have free space to put the items you buy and save money for your next shopping spree. You can sell anything online; it doesn’t have to be clothing or gadgets. If you are moving to another city, you can the furniture you won’t need, or if you have postcards, stamps or coins, there are many collectors. I’m sure if you try and post ads free here, you will end up finding a buyer for almost anything. Of course, you need to research and find the right price for the items you are offering.

Selling products was never this easy. There is a big variety of websites and store where you can easily list your products and buyers can purchase them easily. Before throwing anything away, check some of these sites, you will be surprised.

You might be wondering that buying from an unauthorized source can result to a fraud. Well, there are websites who provide online payment method for used products and buyers buy from such sources without checking further. Usually, there is no problem with this, but if you are not sure, our recommendation is that you can have a conversation with the seller via telephone or email so you can fix up a meeting point to make the deal. Sometimes, you live far away from the seller so you can’t meet. In those cases, try to find their address, some comments from other buyers and follow your instinct.

The Disappearance of Books- Welcome to the Digital Age!

Books used to be treasured items, with entire rooms designated only for books and other reading materials. Today, however, books are starting to turn into an endangered species. With the rise of digital literature, and the ease and power of that technology, the book is becoming harder and harder to find.

Fall from Grace of the Library

The library used to be a place where the most intelligent people in the world would gather in their quest for knowledge – either to complete papers and projects for academia or perhaps to discuss issues with other academics. Whatever the reason, today, the digital literature has rendered these buildings as virtually obsolete. There are still operational libraries, but other than offering a pleasant respite from the elements for homeless people, their purpose has largely been replaced by a small digital device with a 6 to 9 inch screen.

The value of books and the knowledge that they contain can’t be debated because they are the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter what your upbringing was; if you can read and have access to books, you can develop your intellect to the equal of anyone else in the world. That hasn’t changed, but now you simply have the books wirelessly delivered to your device, no matter where you are, Kindle USA or Nook UK, all people have quick access to all of the knowledge of history. Digital literature is the cause, and the end of the relevance of the library is the effect.

Digital Books are Much Easier to Store

One of the many bright sides of digital literature is that it is much easier to store. In the past, you had to find a shelf that could hold all of the books that a person could read. When you finished you added the book to your library where it would sit, collecting dust and taking up space until either you moved or died or both.

Now these spaces used for book receptacles can be revamped to provide a more functional use for the room that used to be the library. It can be turned into a family activity area, or perhaps a man cave. Either way, families are going to be searching for new ways to use that space that used to be wasted on holding old books. Now our books are stored on electronic clouds out in the universe, just waiting for us to call them back to relevance through our electronic devices.

There Is Something About a Book

Even though there are many great things about digital literature, there are still certain aspects of a book that can’t be replaced. The smell of a new book as you open it for the first time; the feel of the hard binder in your hands as you leaf through the pages and glean all of the knowledge that you can from the book’s contents. There is a finality in closing the book when you are finally finished with it that provides you with a distinct feeling of accomplishment. This feeling is just not equaled by powering down your reading device.

There will always be a place for books, but that place is getting smaller and smaller by the year. The cost of printing and production of a book can be simply eliminated by electronic versions with identical reading content.

Dubai’s Green Energy Investment: From Niche Technology to Public Industry


In the Western world, we’re relentless in our focus of making green technology and green industry the focal point of society, driving the need for renewable at every possible turn. Despite the fact that many of us in the Western world believe that we are at the forefront of this pioneering technology, this is far from the case and, if we look towards the East, we will see that places such as Dubai are currently far ahead of where we stand.

Public-Private Partnerships Look to Engage 

Of all green technology focus areas, green finance is one which is generally considered to be relatively niche and abstract. This means that, over the course of the past few years at least, it has been unattractive for the majority of investors who have failed to see the lure. However, it appears as though times are about to change due to the fact that public-private partnerships are imminent; thus making the project much more attractive for investors.

Dubai Takes the Lead

Dubai are taking the lead on such an initiative, aiming to reduce energy consumption by 30% by 2020, with renewable projects expected to play a key part in achieving such an ambitious target. Although at present several high profile analysts claim that the climate has not been inviting for any potential investors, it appears as though all of this is about to change, with many companies looking to overcome the challenges that have previously plagued the green market.

As has always been the case, cost competitiveness of green energy remains an issue and, because of this, green energy cannot compete with conventional energy sources on price alone. Due to this, the green energy revolution, in order to appeal to investors, must have support from all sectors of society; including the government.

A Long Term Plan To Allay Investor Fears 

Such a process, however, is already underway, and the long term plan still appears to be to get investors to be more comfortable with green energy proposals, understanding exactly what it entails. To do this, it appears as though better education, better promotion and certain guarantees from a governmental level are all but essential.

Anyone who indulges in online trading (or any variant of it) is often especially wary of investing in projects with green energy because such projects are often not economically viable. Due to this, many individual traders will not invest, wary of the fact that these projects require financial support from a government channel, and are subject to large price fluctuations as a result.

How to Overcome Fears 

Wary that this is a long term project, certain groups are looking to kick-start the project by offering financial incentives to investors that could be used to fund green projects. Looking at the lending community specifically, Dubai appears to be targeting meeting green energy targets by building a 100MW photovoltaic solar power plant, and consultants were appointed for this project last month. Overall, over the next few years, AED50bn ($13.6bn) has been allocated for green projects.