8 Free Online Live Website Visitor Tracking Tools

It is very much important for webmasters to pay a little attention on live website tracking to keep information about the visitors on their website or blog. In early days of Internet it was difficult for webmasters to get live visitor tracking for their websites. But now a days there are many free and paid live website visitor tracking tools are available.

Live website visitor tracking is beneficial in many ways as website owners can see exact nature of online visitors to their website. Knowing about your website visitors that where  they are entering from and where they are leaving is also important for you to know. Sometimes we forget to concentrate on live website visitors tracking and collecting data on visitors which is extremely important. Without actual data and solid information it is not possible for you to improve your mistakes.

If you write regular articles or updates your website regularly, then you must have a live visitors tracking tool for your website. With live website visitor tracking tools you can track who’s reading, commenting, joining, buying, the search engines effects, beneficial keywords, language of visitor, popular pages, number of readers, where your visitors are from, find when most people where online and much more.

Here we have created a list of 8 Free Online Live Website Visitor Tracking Tools for you to start tracking live visitors at your website :

1. GoSquared

2. Clicky

3. Feedjit

4. Piwik

5. Reinvigorate

6. Amung.us

7. Woopra

8. Clicktale

8 thoughts on “8 Free Online Live Website Visitor Tracking Tools

  1. i have seen Amung.us everywhere.. thanks for sharing the others..

  2. TO be honest i never tried any tracker except google !! Are they something different than GOogle Analytics??OR alternatives to GA?

    • Shashank they are actually live tracking tools. There are also many google analytics alternatives which are really good to use like Histats :).. Google it you will get more ..

  3. hugh williams says:

    there are some good tools here ive used 2 of them but i will have a look at some of the others

  4. Making full use of live website tracking is incredibly important actually. Most webmasters don’t realize that they can detect traffic patterns and work on increasing the amount of visitors through what they learn with the help of live website tracking.

  5. Whole are Paid. we want free tools its same as Google analytic why they charge for it.

  6. which one is better? I have installed wibia yesterday, but do not know whether these tool bars slow down the site or not.

  7. I had added addthis, but could not find any report, so removed.using google analytics

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