6 best gaming laptops

This is an era of technology with a purpose, and this may be the reason why the laptop manufacturing firms are building laptops, which will contain a build for a specific purpose like business, gaming, multimedia, professional, home and student laptops.

Here in this article we are going to see some  of the best gaming laptops in the market and what you can usually expect to see in a gaming laptop is a high performing graphical chord, which will  has forced the manufacturers to package laptops with power packed configurations and specifications.

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Top 7 Best sites to Download Portable apps

Portable apps have become one of the most searched for, on the internet. And why not, these apps can be used on the go via a thumb drive or any USB storage device to keep the apps in!

Portable apps have redefined the way applications are used, minimizing the process of installing an application on your laptop or PC each time, before using it. With portable apps in your arsenal, it’s just as easy as plug ‘n’ play!

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12 Best sites to Create Magnificent Slideshows

Ever felt the urge to turn that web photo album of yours into something more appealing with great user friendliness? That is exactly when you must switch your attention towards photo slideshows!

The best thing about a slideshow is that it can be customized to unbelievable extents! You can add text, titles, tags and music whilst pouring life into the otherwise motionless photographs.

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How To Add Spell-Checking To Your Favorite Windows Apps

Do you feel the need of spell check if you’ve got the desire to master in writing job? Yes, then the Internet is the best resources to digg around. But reaching at right website to follow is not so easy for everyone.

Although few Windows apps come together with built-in spell checking but there is also a way – look at tinySpell that allow you to add spell checking to all of your apps or a select group. It could be quite useful specially for non-native English speaker. And everyone can use it to improve their writing skills with correct words.

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10 Best Free Alternative Web Browsers For Linux

It may hesitate if you need to shift on other browser from Mozilla Firefox. And will try to stay on Firefox anyhow. It is one of most famous browser to surf the Internet. Windows user must to download it and in most Linux distro Mozilla Firefox comes as a default web browser.

Mozilla Firefox has built dominant share on web due to its various features like user-friendliness and marvelous library of extensions. But you may hate it sometime when it starts using huge CPU memory and causes computer to crash.

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