Top 10 Best and Essential Softwares for the Windows 7

Thank to all learned readers for reading and appreciating my previous article, which was about, free and best anti-virus softwares for newly launched Windows 7. I Am making this effort here to guide you about the best free softwares for Windows 7 as I was approached by one of the regular readers of my articles to do the same.

Here, I am mustering information about all those free softwares, which will give you a better experience of computing and browsing with your Windows 7.

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5 Free HTML5 Games That You Can Have Fun With

HTML5 is successor of HTML programming language. Even though it is evolving slowly but it has introduce many new elements and attributes that reflect typical usage on modern websites. No doubt by using HTML5’s new and fresh features you can make websites more attractive and alive.

Up until now all major browsers are not supporting HTML5 but still it is being using by many web developer and designers. Certainly the fifth generation of HTML is enough to catch advance functions based around dynamic and multimedia rich content in terms of your.

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Check Your Password Strength – Is It Strong Enough?

There are plenty of online services like Google, Yahoo, MSN available on Internet which shows the strength of your password while typing characters into the box. Microsoft safety and security center also helps you to choose strong password.

You might be good in finding many password strength checking tools but you must be mindful at the same before pick up one of them. Because there is very few really engaging online tools that really not collects and transmits your information.

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15 Best Free Online Fax Services

Using separate fax machine requires a big investment whether for office or home. It becomes more awful when you do not fax very often at home and if we think about office perspective – installing fax machine in every department looks not so real.

Keeping a fax machine all the time is also not possible specifically when you want to put freedom of working to your employees can work either from home or any other part of world while traveling. So a boom is out there in face of Online Fax Services.

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5 Must Have Useful Safari Extensions You Should Download Right Away

Before a couple of year ago, Apple company decided to follow the footsteps of Firefox and Chrome and begun its official Safari Extension on its own gallery. It was a good move by Apple Inc. This idea brought a way for developers where they can show their skills to build add-ons to improve the overall browsing experience on Safari.

For die-hard fan of Apple Safari Browser– definitely they are looking forward to use some fantastic additions that any you can appreciate. Apple has set up a way to use Safari Extensions, you just need to click through Safari > Safari Extensions Gallery in the menu bar and then you are at single Extensions gallery webpage where a showcase from some of the best developer submissions is waiting for you.

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25 Highly Useful Social Bookmarking Sites for Designers and Developers Enthusiasts

Definitely, social bookmarking is one of a great way to you where you can easily share your interest, organize, and search for bookmarks of resources online. These days with so much content on the web you cannot able to remember your worthy links all the time so there social bookmarking site helps you in discover new worthy links and allow you to save those ones for your future reference.

These social bookmarking sites actually permit an action of submitting link. The main purpose of these websites is to create a user-driven site and connect people who have similar interests by casting vote. You can either up vote or down vote on other people’s submissions as per your similar interests and also make yourself know how people feel about the quality of the site.

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5 Best To-Do List Applications for Your iPhone

You may have been using the standard calendar integrated with your iPhone for managing your to-do list. The calendar application is okay for managing daily routine.

But when it comes to manage your professional meetings or business conferences then definitely you will need an efficient application that can make you punctual and well prepared.

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Checklist of 5 Amazing Online Tools To Know Your Website Ranking

On Internet, many website worth checking tool are available that lands an online estimation of your website worth. Everyone wants to make their website or blog successful. Then they must be needed such tool to bring an online estimation of your website worth.

Purposeful tools are very less in numbers that really do not let you allow wasting your time and effort. And pick up the right ones is not so easy because checking out ready for use from many of tools seems unreal.

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