Top 10 Best and Essential Softwares for the Windows 7

Thank to all learned readers for reading and appreciating my previous article, which was about, free and best anti-virus softwares for newly launched Windows 7. I Am making this effort here to guide you about the best free softwares for Windows 7 as I was approached by one of the regular readers of my articles to do the same.

Here, I am mustering information about all those free softwares, which will give you a better experience of computing and browsing with your Windows 7.

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15 Best Free Online Fax Services

online-fax-services Using separate fax machine requires a big investment whether for office or home. It becomes more awful when you do not fax very often at home and if we think about office perspective – installing fax machine in every department looks not so real. Keeping a fax machine all the time is also not possible […] Continue reading →

5 Best To-Do List Applications for Your iPhone

Packing and Packing Pro You may have been using the standard calendar integrated with your iPhone for managing your to-do list. The calendar application is okay for managing daily routine. But when it comes to manage your professional meetings or business conferences then definitely you will need an efficient application that can make you punctual and well prepared. Continue reading →