Quanik Stands Up For Better Blogging

Quanik is a newly launched team of five passionate professionals. Franklin Manuel, Kartikeyan, Sudharsan, Balaji and Rethnaraj Rambabu are the persons behind Quanik Media. Quanik is totally a non-profitable organization which run from hand of these five professionals. Quanik inspire people and digg up their interpersonal qualities to make their own living.

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Time To Optimize Your Website Is Here!

Do you want to know the reasons why optimizing your website at this time is of the essence? Optimizing website is not only a task these days, but an important task! A non optimized websites is of no use in this world. Non optimized website is just like a dead website existing just for the sake of living.

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Using Facebook for Better Customer Relationships

Think your business might get lost in Facebook’s 500 million users? The great news is that you can still use their tools for effective promotion and marketing.

One of the greatest aspects about Facebook is there is pretty much something there for everyone. A community of 500 million members, growing every day, is sure to provide ample opportunities for your company.

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