How to Watch YouTube Video from Desktop

YouTube Logo

YouTube, the second largest search engine, is incessantly getting 72 hours of video uploaded in each minute. You can find almost all types of videos i.e. entertainment, how to’s, product reviews and anything else. YouTube has gained such a great position because of its quality and simplicity. It is easy to go to YouTube, find a […]

6 Best Free Ways To Download Any Youtube Videos

After acquiring YouTube by Google in 2006 it became one of most famous video sharing site on the Internet. Presently everybody urge to watch their video. YouTube let you allow to upload and share your favorite video shoots with all others, can be humorous, instructive or whatever. From Internet marketing prospective having a video presence […]

3 Ways to Unblock Facebook

If your school, college or office has blocked Facebook and you are not able to access it, there is no need to worry as we can help you in Unblocking Facebook. Facebook is blocked at most of the institutions as authorities consider it as a distraction tool and as per them, Facebook affects the productivity. […]

Tutu Helper – TutuApp Installer Download

With jailbreaking at what seems to be a standstill right now, so many users are missing Cydia, missing being able to modify their iOS devices and download their favorite paid games and apps for free. While we wait, we have an excellent alternative to Cydia; it’s called TutuApp VIP Installer and it gives you all the best that […]

TutuApp – Best App Installer for iOS

Over the last few years, jailbreaking has been stepped up a notch, with utilities being released on an incredibly regular basis. Many expected this to continue when iOS 10 was released, despite the warnings from Apple that they would stop jailbreaking and, although we have had a couple of jailbreaks, they haven’t been for everyone […]

Tweakbox – iOS App Installer

Jailbreaks are in short supply right now with few being released and, when they are released, they can only be used by a specific set of users. Yalu is the only jailbreak available and it can’t be used by all, only those with 64-bit devices. Because of this and because there are so many users […]

TinyUmbrella – Savings SHSH Blobs

Many jailbreakers of old will remember TinyUmbrella, one of the most useful tools any jailbreaker could have. TinyUmbrella used to be used for downgrading iOS devices to earlier iOS versions that were no longer being signed by Apple, thus allowing you to install a jailbreak. Right now, although TinyUmbrella is still available for use it […]

Airshou – iOS Screen Recorder

One of the most popular types of app to be downloaded are screen recorders, simply because Apple won’t provide us with a decent one to use on the iOS. Many users see this is a basic feature and, because we don’t have one, we tend to turn to jailbreaking. Cydia is home to some very […]

Emu4iOS – iOS Emulator App

iOS 10 has not proven to be very lucrative in terms of jailbreaks, for several reasons. First, Apple made a point of telling us that they would working hard to stamp out jailbreaking and it seems they may well be succeeding in that. Second, the main teams we expected to produce the jailbreaks seem to […]

Yalu Jailbreak Tutorial

When iOS 10 was released, we all thought that a new jailbreak would be forthcoming quite quickly but we were wrong. Apple said that they would make things much harder for jailbreakers and it seemed, for a while, that they had managed it but, at long last, we finally have a jailbreak. It’s called Yalu […]