How to Download YouTube Videos in 3 Simple Ways?

YouTube is the most visited site on the Internet and is the only place where you can find almost every video that you are looking for. But there is no way to download YouTube videos directly from the site as no option has been added to the interface. The recent update in YouTube app for Android,  brought an option to watch videos offline but that’s not the case when visiting the website.

YouTube gives you different options below all the videos like sharing the videos on various social networking sites and the option to embed YouTube videos but no option to download or watch offline.

download youtube videos

So if you are looking to download YouTube videos so that you can send it or show it to your friends or family any time you want, then this post will help you do it. We are going to share 3 simple ways through which you can download videos from YouTube easily.

How to Download YouTube Videos?

1. Using Internet Download Manager

The most easiest way to download any video from YouTube is to install Internet Download Manager on your computer. The download manager software is really awesome because whenever you play a video on any website, it will immediately give you a button to download the video on your computer.

When you have IDM installed on your computer, then you will notice that whenever you play a video on any website, for example, say YouTube. Once the video starts playing, you will notice a small download dialog box in the bottom left corner on your computer screen. When you click it, it will show you the options to download videos in various sizes and formats.

download youtube video idm

So the best way to download any video from YouTube is to install Internet Download Manager (IDM) and download with just a click.

2. Use Clip Converter

Another simple method to download videos from YouTube is to use a web-based service called Clip Converter. The user interface is simple and all you have to do is paste the video URL in the media URL box and hit the Continue button.

download videos clipconverter

When you paste the video URL in the box and hit the Continue button, the service will then start scanning for the available video formats that you can download. You can download the 4K (2160p), 2K (1440p), HD (1080p, 720p & 480p) or the standard quality (360p) or the mobile 3GP format.

You can not only download videos using Clip Converter but if you want just the audio files then you can do that too as the option to download MP3 files is given right below the box.

Sites Similar to Clip Converter:

There are other sites similar to Clip Converter where you paste the YouTube video links and then you get a direct download link to save the video on your computer.

Here are some sites but as they are free, you might encounter advertisements like pop-ups and banners but otherwise, the sites are amazing to download YouTube videos.

3. Add-Ons and Extensions

If you don’t want to use any software or download manager or any other sites to download videos from YouTube and want another simple method, then you can use the extensions and add-ons on your web browser to download YouTube videos. There are many such extensions available for all the popular web browsers which you can get from their respective store.

Here are some of the popular ones for different browsers.



Safari and Internet Explorer:

You can use to download and install the extension on Safari and Internet Explorer and download the videos using it.

Other Ways & Sites:

There are still many websites that help you download videos from YouTube and software like YouTube Downloader to download YouTube videos easily. However I don’t think there is any use to install any other software when one download manager can do the task.

So what do you think about the simple ways to download YouTube videos easily? If you face any problems then please share it with us and let us know how many videos you download using these methods!

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